Our dealing with difficult people courses are one of our popular courses as it effectively demonstrates how to neutralise problem situations in the workplace. It covers a wide range of scenarios that occur in the workplace such as; working with aggressive people, disagreeing with others, handling bullies at work, dealing with ignorant people at work and working with unreasonable people. This course will cover mediation and will show delegates how valuable managing and mediating conflict is when managing or handling difficult staff/employee(s). The dealing with difficult people at work course also provides useful information for working with a difficult boss/manager and guidance on how to deal with bullying in the workplace

Dealing with difficult and challenging behaviour

This course is designed for managers that need the skills to manage effectively, difficult conversations and to handle challenging colleagues. The focus is to instil an ethos of ‘respecting the needs and rights of your colleagues whilst maintaining the objectives and core values and of the organisation’.  It will enable delegates to:

1.      Gain an understanding of the issues that produce challenging behaviour and conflict

2.      Develop a consistency of approach when dealing with potentially difficult situations

3.      Handle confrontation in a calm and professional manner

4.      Project a positive, tactful and assertive approach when handling difficult people

In developing the course content we place emphasis on empowering staff that have a range of skills and experiences to develop greater quality and confidence in their work and increase productivity.


This course deals mainly with the difficulties that arise when we are unable to communicate our wants and needs effectively and constructively. The course is designed to give delegates many practical tips and techniques and help them get the best out of everyday situations.



Introduction/course aims and objectives

Analysing the causes of conflict

Recognising Passive, Aggressive and Assertive behaviours

The assertive leader – managing task and relationship issues




Analysing your conflict resolution profile

Recognising classic profiles of difficult people

Recovery strategies for difficult personalities



Strategies for communicating difficult issues

Tackling attitude and behaviour issues

Planning for the difficult conversation




Handling hostile and aggressive situations

Techniques for remaining calm when conflict  arises

Follow through and managing the relationship after the meeting

Course close

Proposed methods of training will include:

  • Trainer-led facilitation
  • High degree of interaction and participation for delegates
  • Role-playing typical situations (using video or audio feedback, if applicable)
  • Group work including discussion groups
  • Workbook exercises and activities
  • Video scenarios of difficult situations with discussion regarding the techniques shown
  • Individual action plans developed during the course

All delegates will receive a 70 page workbook that doubles as an excellent post course reference manual.

All our in-house training is tailored to your requirements, this is our standard In-House Agenda but bear in mind the course could be tailored to your needs.

Other related courses include assertiveness skills, mediation skills, negotiation skills and communication skills for managers. Click here if you need more information regarding Dealing With Difficult People training courses or contact Total Success who will be delighted to talk to you via e-mail.

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