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Total Success Training was established in 1995 and have achieved considerable success by working closely with our clients. We understand the needs and aspirations of our clients and provide practical solutions to satisfy their long-term objectives.   Virtual College, also founded in 1995, is one of the leading providers of e-learning in the UK and have provided online courses to individuals and companies across the world, breaking down the boundaries of traditional learning to deliver cost reducing, time efficient training.  Together we endeavor to bring you the very best in online training!

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Lean Healthcare

The modules below are some of the e-learning modules we have developed around various aspects of Lean.

Process Flow Analysis (PFA)

This online course provides learners with background information into the history of social housing, and looks at the functions and responsibilities of housing organisations and their tenants. The course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) as a component of the Level II Certificate in Housing.

Capacity and Demand

This course looks at: demand, capacity, activity, backlog and variation.  It will teach learners how to construct simple run charts and how to use them to analyse data. Having completed this course, learners will be able to; Generate a run chart Differentiate between capacity, demand, activity and backlog, use Pareto analysis to prioritise activities.

Lean Healthcare Overview

The Lean Healthcare Overview is a practical introduction to Lean, the philosophy and the tools. It is the best way to start learning about Lean. This e-learning course shows how best Lean practice from manufacturing can be applied successfully in primary and secondary care, as well as across wider health and social care communities. It covers the origins of Lean thinking, its development in the healthcare sector and maps out how Lean can be applied to solve current issues.

6S Productivity Suite

6S is a great way to involve everyone in improving their own work setting. The principle behind 6S is one of continuous improvement, looking at how each task is carried out and continually seeking to improve efficiency and quality – ensuring a consistently higher quality of service or product.