Time Management In-Company Courses

Total Success have developed a series of in-house training modules. These are designed so that an organisation can pick the training which is more applicable to its own needs and budget. Please call us to discuss your specific requirements. We have listed below a typical one-day time management course agenda that covers a wide range of subjects from prioritising, delegating, assertiveness, managing interruptions, managing e-mail, using Outlook , tasks etc. In fact we pride ourselves on being able to develop courses that suit all our clients needs and requirements.

Managing Time – Using Outlook Effectively

Studies have shown that the average user of Microsoft Outlook only utilises 2% of its total capability. We all use Outlook for sending and recieving e-mail but how much could it increase our productivty if we were to use Calendar, Tasks, Contacts. Notes, Journal and One-Note more effectively. We believe the answer to that question is ‘very considerably’.

Manage your time using Outlook – Our In-House course

As well as running our normal time management training course we aim to reflect the growing use of technology and how it has enhanced our ability to manage our time. This time management training course working with Microsoft outlook is one of a number of courses we run around this particular area of time management technology. We have found Outlook to be a really useful tool that increases our ability to prioritise and schedule tasks, make appointments, manage meetings, achieve deadlines, manage e-mail, improve our delegation and can even develop our ability to manage projects effectively.

Time management in-house course agenda

Course objectives

Delegates will learn skills which will improve planning, assertiveness, setting priorities, decision making, desk and paper management, and communication skills. They will have the skills to manage their priorities; manage themselves to get things done on time; be assertive with colleagues and managers and learn how to say ‘no’; gain sufficient time to complete their most important tasks; effective daily planning; prioritise and schedule tasks; learn to allocate time to each task in its order of priority; deal with interruptions and make effective decisions which affect your time positively.

Who will benefit from the course

Anyone who needs to master the principles and practices of effective time management. From senior managers/directors to administrative and technical staff, in fact anyone who needs to find solutions to the following challenges:

  • I don’t always feel in control
  • I need to increase my productivity
  • I have to juggle a multitude of tasks
  • I’m always being interrupted
  • I’d love to have more time for the things I enjoy but never get the time

Course Agenda

The Training Course Covers

  • ·         Daily Planning and prioritising
  • ·         Developing a personal sense of time
  • ·         Planning your essential priorities
  • ·         Managing your e-mail traffic
  • ·         Communication and managing deadlines
  • ·         Organising meetings electronically
  • ·         Delegating and tracking progress
  • ·         Using tasks to plan, prioritise and follow up on projects
  • ·         Managing other people’s promises and deliverables
  • ·         Using Outlook to plan long term goals
  • ·         Making middle and long term plans
  • ·         Writing effective e-mails

Morning – 9.30-1.00/Afternoon – 2.00-5.30

·         Introduction and agenda


  • Recognising your ‘time stealers’

Factors causing productivity losses and how to recognise them.

Delegates will analyse the costs of poor time management in relation to work goals and personal achievement.


  • Planning, prioritising and delegating using Microsoft Outlook

This section of the course shows the delegates how to

  • plan essential tasks and time sensitive issues
  • keep on top of your important objectives
  • plan each day effectively and schedule tasks
  • allocate time to each task in its order of priority
  • make effective decisions which affect your time positively
  • how to delegate and the ‘delegation golden rules’

Delegates will be given the opportunity to use Outlook to plan a ‘typical’ day. They will be asked to ‘juggle’ team, task and client priorities and multi-task activities.

Using the principles of priorities management delegates will be split into groups to organise a daily schedule from a list of very important tasks.


  • Managing e-mails

A recent survey showed that only 12% of business managers thought e-mail improved productivity!! This session will give lots of practical tips and techniques about e-mail composition; managing the frequency and quantity of e-mails; and how to prioritise e-mails.


  • Communication and managing deadlines

Essentials of verbal and written communication. Using Outlook as an essential tool to record communications for projects meetings and one-to-one reviews. Keeping track of communications between customers, colleagues and suppliers.

Delegates will be given the opportunity to listen to a client conversation about managing deadlines for an important project. From the information gained they will have to plan the next stages of the project using SMART objectives whilst taking into account contingencies.


Running effective meetings

Running successful meetings require planning and effective actions from all participants. Because there is a lot to think about when organising a meeting Outlook can be an essential tool to plan the ‘effective meeting’, our meeting planner and checklist can also act as a guide to help you conduct meetings more effectively. Delegates will be shown effective strategies for meetings management.


Assertiveness skills

Assertiveness is one of the essential skills in the modern working environment. There are many time management benefits of being assertive including increased self esteem and the ability to negotiate more effectively.

This section will show delegates:

*        the characteristics of an assertive person

*        what to say in difficult situations

*        improving your assertive delivery


Desk and paper management

Are you suffering from ‘desk stress’ or ‘paper procrastination’. This section sets out tips and techniques which increase your ability to organise your work station and reduce silent interrupters.

Decision making

Making good decisions for yourself and others is one of the key factors of time management. Delegates will learn the key processes of effective decision making, and the psychology and the habits that prevent the typical manager from being a sound and effective decision maker. They will be given the chance to use a ‘decision maker form’ and make an ‘informed’ decision relating to a typical project scenario.

Why choose Total Success for your training?

  • our lead trainers have over 18 years experience in training
  • a maximum of 8 delegates means more time spent on individual needs
  • we guarantee to run the course and will never cancel at the last moment
  • free subscription to our monthly training newsletter

All open courses are trained in Central London at the St Giles Hotel.

Each delegate receives a comprehensive 60-page training workbook that doubles as an open course manual.

Our other Time Management open courses – Time Management using Outlook 2007/2010

As well as running in-house time management training course we also run open courses every month. This time management training course working with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 is one of a number of courses we run around this particular area of time management technology.

Open Course Dates

Time Management Training Packs

Why use a total success training pack

If you are looking to run your own training course but lack the materials and the time to develop a fully functional training seminar we produce a range of training materials and packs which will suit your requirements exactly. All of our packs and been written by our own time management experts and we can guarantee that the training pack will satisfy your course requirements. Each pack will contain a full set of PowerPoint training slides, trainer’s notes, a course manual, and a full set of handouts and activities.

We have been running our courses since 1995 and have trained 1000’s of people via open courses and in-company seminars. We guarantee that the course you buy is the one we train. All courses are trainer and trainee friendly so you’ll be up and running quickly (depending on your training experience).

We know how difficult it is to choose amongst the many training materials available on line, that’s why we have 3 packages that will suit you needs. With our gold, silver and bronze packages you can choose the training format that’s right for you and your budget. Call us 0044 (0)208 269 1177 to discuss your requirements or email us info@totalsuccess.co.uk

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