1 – Effective negotiation: how to begin negotiating from an advantage

If you want to negotiate successfully, one of the secrets entails preparing your mind: get all the information on what you want to do, define your objectives before negotiating and research the interests of the other party. These are some of the tips that you can find in this article that will help you gain leverage to start any negotiation from an advantageous position.

2 – 7 Essential Negotiation Skills for Bloggers and Marketers

Developing the right strategy and employing key skills can certainly make you a savvy negotiator. Negotiation skills can be applied in almost any situation bloggers and marketers face.

Bloggers and marketers negotiate a variety of things, especially when it comes to the allocation of resources like budget, time, and staff. Negotiation skills are also crucial for cultivating client, sponsor, and vendor relationships as well.


3 – Improve your negotiating skills by listening

When approaching a negotiation, you might likely think about the best way to present your proposal or convince your liaison. However, one of the best weapons of any negotiator is just the opposite: listening. Begin by understanding the interests of your liaisons and what they are looking for; only then can you present your winning offer.


4  – The Importance of a Relationship in Negotiation

At the negotiation table, what’s the best way to uncover your negotiation counterpart’s hidden interests? Build a relationship in negotiation by asking questions, then listening carefully. Even if you have decided to make the first offer and are ready with a number of alternatives, you should always open by asking and listening to assess yur counterpart’s interests.

5 – The art of negotiating with “the Reagan Method”

Former US president Ronald Reagan has been recognized as one of the greatest negotiators of the twentieth century. His ability to achieve compromises, prioritize the most conflictive situations and demonstrate self-confidence served him well during his years in office to successfully negotiate and close out negotiating processes. From him this system is referred to as the “Reagan System”.

6 – How to Win Every Argument!

Are you sick of losing? Arguments, that you should win are lost because…………… well, you just can’t put your finger on it. But you always lose.

7 – How to control your emotions in a price negotiation toward the goal

While often a forgotten aspect in negotiations, emotions are a very important variable to their success. Emotional intelligence holds a vital role, firstly in understanding how the other party thinks and feels, and, secondly so that our proposals and suggestions are met with approval. Remember: nervousness and impatience should never be present in a negotiation.

8 – 7 Ways to Help Your Employees Master Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills are essential in the modern business world, but negotiating is not something that comes naturally to most people. As the workplace transforms digitally and becomes more automated, humans increasingly need to master soft skills like negotiation to specialise in more complex, collaborative work. For example, as artificial intelligence (AI) tools take care of simple customer service calls in a call centre, humans are expected to handle the more challenging customer issues. In response to digital transformation, customer service companies are focussing on upskilling their agents in key soft skills like negotiation.

9 – Negotiation tactics from the Game of Thrones

If you pay attention, HBO’s famous series is chock full of advice, tricks and recommendations about how to negotiate with your most loyal allies and bitter enemies (and thus avoid death!). Ned Stark, Lord Varys and Tyrion Lannister could help you become the daring and effective negotiator that you have always wanted to be.

10 – Why All Online Marketers Should Master the Art of Negotiation

The art of negotiation has never been as important for online marketers than now. The digital era is in full swing and online marketers are the creative foundation to what people browse and purchase online.