However good you are, you can get even better. Total Success’s Executive Coaching programme is designed to get the best out of you.

These days, executive coaching is an investment that organisations make in their most talented people, to help them achieve their personal and professional goals and get better business results at the same time.

Executive Coaching is one of the fastest areas of growth for coaching. More and more decision makers are using coaching to increase sales and profits, especially during these unique economic times. It can have a very positive impact on your organization, whether you are an executive running a sales division in a global company, or an entrepreneur setting up a new business.

We can help you increase the effectiveness of a specific area of business development, or help you identify areas for improvement in the entire business development process.

Assertiveness skills, Dealing With Difficult People, Stress Management and Time Management are some of the courses trained by Total Success Training in London and throughout the UK. We have over 18 years experience training people on strategies to improve productivity and enhance self development.

Who will benefit from Executive Coaching?

The types of people that will benefit from this individual type of coaching and development are those that need to evaluate their current behaviours and business practices; need to focus on future objectives and require a unique and bespoke method of achieving them.

Do you find that lack of time to get away for courses stop you from improving your own or your team’s effectiveness? Or do you lack a personal mentor, someone to act as a sounding board, someone to give honest and direct feedback? Then you will find that a personalised executive coaching programme will help you.

Executive coaching by a mentor who understands corporate issues is the ideal solution. Here is why: coaching is concerned with people achieving results. It is on-the-job experiential learning – during the day or outside working hours. No time away, no reports, just improvement.

Coaching isn’t just for individuals. The positive impact extends to Boardrooms and top teams too. We help Directors look at how they work together and to achieve new levels of Board effectiveness. We help top executive teams achieve more than the sum of their individual parts.

This service is specially designed for rising and successful executives who already know the value of coaching, are committed to clarifying and achieving their goals with the support of coaching, and in turn  want the commitment of a highly qualified coach who is 100% committed to their success.

The benefit of electing this bespoke, one-on-one, retained coaching programme is that our commitment to you is our organisation’s priority – you are guaranteed individual coaching and the sessions are scheduled to fit your calendar.

Our Executive Coaching Services

We offer a range of coaching programmes.

Executive Coaching

Our job is to help individual clients achieve their goals by accessing and developing their own abilities. We create a completely confidential space in which we work on these things together, as partners.

Team Development

We harness our coaching expertise to help top executive teams improve their processes and interactions as they tackle issues central to the organisation. We help them to access each executive’s talent and experience and work better together, so that the product of the whole team becomes far greater than the sum of its parts.

Some of the areas our delegates have chosen to focus on include:

  • Re-defining personal and professional goals
  • Improving communication skills
  • Becoming a more assertive manager
  • Improving relationship with colleagues
  • Preparing for a key client meeting
  • Managing difficult members of staff
  • Making challenging decisions
  • Developing skills and a strategy for dealing with difficult or challenging colleagues and customers
  • Developing non-conflicting, revenue stream(s) outside of work, and new networks

Our Executive Coaching Programme Broken Down

It is difficult to precisely define the approach we will take in every case as every client we have is different. No, two coaching programmes are ever the same and we encourage this. What you can expect from us is the following:

10 minute telephone introduction

This is a free conversation to talk to the coach and discuss your objectives. This gives you the opportunity to ‘meet the coach’ and gain a chance to see if there is a bond that can develop between you both. Your initial feelings will allow you to determine whether you can build the type of relationship you will feel comfortable with.

Half-day initial consultation and diagnostic

Our coach will meet with the client and carry out a full diagnostic in order to develop an accurate programme. This process involves full and frank discussion; questioning and listening; using diagnostic and assessment tools.

Diagnostic report and assessment

Based on the first meeting a full report is issued that analyses the needs of the client and the plan to achieve them. A further meeting will discuss the plan and the full plan agreed.

Bespoke coaching programme

The essential element of the programme is that it is agreed between coach and client so that both parties know the commitments that each must fulfil to enable the objectives to be achieved.

Meet Your Executive Coach

The essential element of the programme is that it is agreed between coach and client so that both parties know the commitments that each must fulfil to enable the objectives to be achieved.

Your programme will be carried out by our Managing Director and lead trainer Warren Wint. Warren is the Lead Trainer and Managing Director of Total Success Training. He has been involved in training, coaching and mentoring since 1986 and was the training manager for Thomson Directories. He has a unique approach to training and has taught thousands of managers and employees to “have the confidence and become better at what they do”. Warren has a distinctive training style which previous delegates have described as ‘lively’, ‘charismatic’, ‘thought provoking’ and ‘fun’. He believes everyone has the potential to excel if they are given the necessary skills and support.

He is a trained Mediator and has carried out training and consultancy for such organisations such as Thames Valley Police, BBC, University of East London, Goldman Sachs, British Gas, Cancer Research etc.

He is the author of ‘Successful Time Management’. His book focuses on how time management techniques can be used to improve productivity, self-confidence and personal success.

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