One of the tools that we have been using at Total Success to further your ability to learn is Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality enables a person to fully immerse themselves into another world – usually via a headset. Imagine what it would be like to present a presidential inauguration speech or even walk a tightrope at a frightfully high vantage point. With virtual reality, or VR, this type of thing can become accessible.

The immersive nature of VR and AR, the feeling of presence along with the ability to perform the task is ideal for engaging the behavioural skills learning system. Students learn by doing, receive feedback and engage in repetitions of the skills they are learning. This process promotes the formation of habits.

Virtual and augmented reality provide a safe environment, where making mistakes is not only okay but enhances the overall learning. Post training skills learnt through VR can be applied directly to the real world.

Virtual Reality Courses:

Revolutionize your public speaking training with an unforgettable experience…

Effective presentation and public speaking skills are central to great business communications. They are vital for winning and keeping business and are important to public image & opinion.

Better presentation skills also reduces the stress on presenters which means they will be more willing to present and be more effective with their communication.

Offering your trainees a public speaking simulation in virtual reality either during or after your presentation skills training will give them the opportunity to practice on ‘the big stage’ whilst experiencing the same types of emotional responses as in a real situation.

VR makes learners the center of the action, creating true behavior change

Learners are in the work context, in a situation that is a safe zone replica of where they will apply skills. This means what they learn is applied immediately and realistically.

Now being used by the likes of:

  • Microsoft
  • British Airways
  • Google
  • BP
  • Ford
  • Amazon

Virtual Reality is not a question of “if” but rather of “when”. Businesses should understand and use this technology just to keep up with the competition.

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