While we’re busy working at home it’s good to be able to take a break from a busy day. Even better, when the break will enable you to learn new skills and perhaps rejuvenate old ones.

We at Total Success Training recognise the need to keep motivated when working so we have put together a schedule of live, online remote-training workshops.

We will be delivering them as live open courses and in-house virtual workshops with a trainer to guide you through the agenda and to answer any questions you may have.


The cost of this virtual in-house training session is £895 + VAT and can accommodate up to 10 delegates per training session.


All our open courses can be trained as live, virtual and remote courses and workshops. Please click on the link to view our course schedule and calendar. Course Price is £295 + VAT per person.


Have a look at our course agendas and decide which ones you would like to register for. Once you’ve signed up, we will send you and your group the training notes and pre-course activities. We’ll also send you the log-in details and you’re good to go. They will run from 9.45am-3:30pm with a half hour break for lunch.

We will be running these as a live, online training course via zoom.com and have included all the information that will make this an easy to access workshop.

The benefits of signing up to our programme:

  • Keeps your staff trained whilst they are off normal duties
  • You can bring together remote groups as a team building exercise
  • Shows that you and your organisation are proactive in their development
  • Gives them a date in their personal development schedules to look forward to
  • Helps your staff with their mental well-being as they have something positive to occupy their minds
  • Makes great use of their time off
  • Saves on the time and cost to your staff of traveling long distances to attend training courses
  • Most of our courses are CPD accredited to aid with your staff development

They will be run via Zoom.com or Join.me depending on the technical capabilities of your teams.

Course List:

These are the current list of courses we will be running online. We are more than happy to discuss your course content if you require a more bespoke offering.

How We Will Organise The Courses:

It couldn’t be easier as we take care of the whole process from start to finish.

  1. Pick from our list or discuss the course agenda to suit you
  2. Book the course and send us delegate’s email addresses
  3. We will send out the course materials including downloadable course manual, all of the course materials, a pre-course briefing form
  4. We will start log-ins 15 minutes prior to the course start to allow everyone to connect
  5. All delegates will complete the pre-prepared course activities that we will use during the course
  6. Our virtual courses are very interactive to keep delegate’s attention throughout
  7. All delegates will complete a Post-course action plan that can be reviewed their managers after the course.

Our Pre-Course Email To Your Delegates Include:

  • A pre-course form that needs to be completed and sent back to us. It includes course objectives that we will run through with you during the Introduction.
  • A course manual that can be downloaded for reference during the seminar
  • A course agenda
  • All pre-course exercises that need to be completed before the course (we’ll be using these on the day)
  • A full set of the activities you’ll be doing on the course. These can be completed before the course, but this is not essential
  • A link to our website with all the course materials to download (if delegates are having difficulty accessing the information contained on this email)
  • A link to zoom.com with all the information needed to access the programme via your computer
  • A post-course action plan and course evaluation form. This will be completed as proof of attending. A copy should also be sent to us.
  • A link for the full set of templates and forms that can downloaded for use after the course

Here’s an example of a typical course agenda:

Project Management for Non-Project Managers Course

Live, remote, online training course

The live online workshop is designed to give delegates the tools needed to develop a workable strategy, plan the project, control its implementation and evaluate the results in line with the original aims and objectives.


By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Create a workable strategy for a project
  • Plan all aspects of the project
  • Schedule the necessary processes and sequence resources
  • Control the project implementation and evaluate its success

MORNING 10.00 AM – 3.30 PM – Lunch 12.30-1.00

  • Introduction, aims and course objectives.
  • Principals of Project Management.
  • Project manager competencies
  • Developing a workable project proposal
  • Planning tools
    • Using the Project planner
    • Mind mapping and sequencing events;
  • Estimating realistic times for project completions
  • Creating Gannt charts
  • Planning for contingencies; essential
  • Establishing individual and group controls, specifications, authority, and responsibilities
  • Managing the project and project communications
  • What to do if the project goes wrong – tips and techniques

Please call or email your comments or questions if you wish to discuss this further.