Total Success Training Ltd has a range of online training courses for your learning needs

Total Success Training was established in 1995 and has achieved considerable success by working closely with our clients. We understand the needs and aspirations of our clients and provide practical solutions to satisfy their long-term objectives.   We aim to provide online courses to individuals and companies across the world, breaking down the boundaries of traditional learning to deliver cost-reducing, time-efficient training.  We endeavor to bring you the very best in online training!

Most of our courses are CPD accredited, making individual courses perfect for existing managers to use as refresher training, and everything is delivered using ProProfs an online eLearning platform, so it can be completed any time, any place, fitting around a manager’s busy schedule. These courses have been developed for your business to become – and stay – successful, your employees need continual development. This starts with induction but should then continue with further development on a wide range of issues. Each module is supported by an online assessment and can be branded to reflect your organisation’s identity.

Online courses start from just £30 and our course catalogue consists of the following:

Appraisal Skills (CPD accredited)

Assertiveness Skills – Secrets of Assertive Behaviours

Coaching for Managers (CPD accredited)

Communication Skills – The Art of Effective Communication – Become an Effective Communicator

Customer Service & Customer Care

Dealing With Difficult People (CPD accredited)

Delegation Skills

Disciplinary Procedures

Email and Letter Writing (CPD accredited)

Emotional Intelligence

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

How To Run Live Virtual Online Training Courses And Workshops

Interviewing Skills

Letter and Email Writing (CPD accredited)

Leadership Training (CPD accredited)

Managing Conflict

Managing the Difficult Appraisal

Managing the Difficult Employee

Mediation Skills (CPD accredited)

Meeting Management – Managing Difficult Meetings

Negotiation Skills – Winning Negotiation (CPD accredited)

Negotiation Skills – Advanced Negotiation

New Manager

Presentation Skills – Delivering the Perfect Presentation

Secrets of Assertive Behaviours

Stress Management: Understanding Stress

Stress Management for Managers

Team Building – How to Build a Strong and Motivated Team

Telephone Selling

Telephone Skills and Customer Care

Time Management

Time Management with Outlook

Time Management: Becoming A Better Manager of Time

Time Management: How to Set Goals and Perfect Priorities

Time Management: 50 Way to Mastering Emails

Train The Trainer (CPD accredited)

Training the Trainer – Customer Care

Training the Trainer – Telephone Skills & Customer Care

Training the Trainer – Stress Management

Training the Trainer – Presentation Skills

Training the Trainer – Interviewing Skills

Training the Trainer – Negotiation Skills

Training the Trainer – Appraisal Skills

Training the Trainer – Dealing with Difficult People

Training the Trainer – Assertiveness Skills

Training the Trainer – Leadership & Team Building

Training the Trainer – Letter & Report Writing

Training the Trainer – Project Management for non-project Managers

Training the Trainer – Time Management 

Training the Trainer – How To Design And Structure An Online Training Course

Working from Home – A Teleworking Guide for Employees

Working from Home – How To Set Up A Homeworking Programme

Working from Home – How To Manage Remotely