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Ranging from topics about planning your perfect year to delivering perfect appraisals, our webinars offer ideas to make everyday life in an office or in general.

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Have you missed some of our previous webinars? Watch the recordings from previous webinars on a number of interesting topics.

Planning the Perfect Year

What a year it’s going to be! Filled with exciting possibilities and taking you on journeys that will enhance your life with breathtaking opportunities. OR, will it be the ‘same old, same old’. Our next webinar ‘Planning the perfect year 2018 – How to set goals and perfect priorties’ is jam packed with strategies on how to get the most from the year in all aspects of your life be it work or social.

You’ll learn; how to approach key areas of your life; how to set meaningful objectives; how to maintain your progress and what to do if you need a boost.

It will be run by Warren Wint author of ‘Successful Time Management’ who will take you through strategies that get you thinking and planning for success. It’s all practical, it’s fun, it’s challenging and you’ll be really motivated to get ‘your life going’.

Watch Webinar – Planning the Perfect Year


How to Deliver the Perfect Appraisal

‘How can I get Charlie to do the job he’s paid to do over the next 12 months?’. Now, substitute Charlie for someone in your team who is at best demotivated and at worst unwilling to work in the way you need them to.

Well, help is at hand. And I do mean help by the way of the annual performance appraisal. If you are a manager/director who needs to have a hard working, happy team that hits business targets and feel pride in the work they do then the performance appraisal can deliver these and more.

Our appraisal webinar ‘Appraisals – how to deliver the perfect appraisal to motivate the unmotivatable’ is packed with lots of practical tips and techniques you need to plan for and deliver the perfect appraisal and then sit back to enjoy the fruits of your labour. It will feature tried and tested techniques for conducting appraisals but also great insights into managing the difficult appraisee and getting the best out of them.

Watch Webinar – How to Deliver the Perfect Appraisal


Secrets of Confidence at Work

If your colleagues were asked to give one word to describe you, what word would they choose?

’Confident’, ‘nice’, ‘friendly’, ‘approachable’, ‘aloof’, ‘inconsistent’, ‘demanding’ etc. I think you know where this is going, but what if you don’t know what they think? Well, this webinar is everything you need to be able to define yourself in the eyes of not only your colleagues but also your boss, your clients, even the guy in IT whose name you don’t know but treats you as if you don’t matter.

It’s called Assertiveness – how to look and sound confident at work. In 30 minutes we will cover the essential elements of how to project a confident image to your colleagues in order to be taken seriously and gain their respect.

The seminar leader is Warren Wint, who for the last 23 years has trained thousands of people how to increase their confidence and effectiveness at work. Make your first assertive decision today and click the button to join this seminar. What have you got to lose except your weaknesses.

Watch Webinar – Secrets of Confidence at Work


What to Say to Win the Deal

If you wish to secure the deal in your next negotiation here are 3 key ways to help you. They are part of our next Webinar – ‘What to say to win the deal’. In this seminar I’ll be treating you to over 30 years of sales and negotiation experiences that you can use to make the difference. It’ll be packed with winning phrases and verbal techniques to give you the edge.

Good luck. But, luck is the only vestige for those who don’t know how to hustle!!

Watch Webinar – What to Say to Win the Deal


Top Tips to Master your Email

This month’s webinar is all about how to make email and much more productive process. We all use email we use it every day, but we don’t always feel in full control of our email. A few years ago we wrote a newsletter article which gave you 10 top tips for managing emails. As technology improves we are far more ways in which you can be more productive and in control of your email.

In this Webinar I’m going to give you 10 tips that you’ll find invaluable. Both will delight and enthral you to learn more about mastering emails. From ‘Never typing an email again’ (Trust us) to ‘Perfecting your Signature’.

Watch Webinar – Top Tips to Master your Email


Preparing the Perfect Presentation

This month’s webinar is all about how to perfect your presentations. You’re not always going to be up there talking about the next self-driving car or the next cure for whatever type of disease. Sometimes you’re going to have to talk about finances, numbers, data, corporate investor sales stuff – nothing that really gets the crowd going. But hey, we get it: we know this is something that happens often, so we decided to do our best to help out. We’ve accumulated various ways (10 to be exact) to make your next speech, presentation – anything really – more interesting. Just remember: there’s no such thing as a boring topic.

Watch Webinar – Preparing the Perfect Presentation