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All our open training courses can be trained as in-company courses!

Our In-House courses are tailored to your requirements and delivered at your premises. Unlike most companies, we charge for the hire of the trainer rather than per delegate, this allows you to vary delegate numbers at no extra charge!

All course documentation and preparation work is also provided as part of the fee. The only additional charge would be travel expenses (and accommodation if appropriate) for those clients based outside Central London.

Below you are able to view our typical In House Agenda’s for each course, simply click on the links. Please bear in mind that the course’s can be tailored to your needs and you can also collaborate different topics from each course and Build Your Own Course!

If you would like to talk to one of our trainers directly in further depth about your In-Company training requirements, please contact us and this will be arranged.

Course Costs

Live, Virtual Remote Training Courses via Zoom, Teams or Webex

  • In-House Full Day – Live, Virtual Remote Course – 1 Day Course – £895 plus VAT
  • In-House Full Day – Live, Virtual Remote Course – 2 Day Course – £1790 plus VAT
  • In-House Half Day – Live, Virtual Remote Course – £600 plus VAT

Face to Face In-House Training Courses

  • In-House Full Day – Face- To-Face Course – 1 Day Course – £1495 plus VAT
  • In-House Full Day – Face- To-Face Course – 2 Day Course – £2990 plus VAT
  • In-House Half Day – Face- To-Face Course – £895 plus VAT

Full Course List:


Detailed Course List:


Account Management

This course is designed to give new and experienced salespeople the confidence to appoint, present to and close potential customers. We use a combination of learning methods but place emphasis on role-play based on products and services relevant to the delegate’s own organisations.

Account Management In-House Agenda

Appraisal Skills – CPD Accredited and Certified course

This one-day appraisal course will teach delegates how to raise the motivation of employees and improve performance through setting objectives; giving effective feedback and praise. Our performance management course also provides tips and techniques for managing conflict in appraisals as well as showing delegates how to write effective performance reviews quickly, easily and effectively.  Delegates who have taken our appraisal courses have gone on to see a dramatic increase in staff performance through applying the strategies they have learnt in the art of ‘appraising employees successfully’.

Appraisal Skills – 1 day training course

Assertiveness Skills

Check out our Assertiveness Training Seminar by clicking Here! – you will see lead trainer, Warren Wint, talk about recognising Assertive Passive and Aggressive behaviors

Assertiveness is one of the essential skills in the modern working environment. There are many benefits of being assertive such as; better time management, increased ability to manage staff and customers; increased self esteem and the ability to negotiate more effectively.  Assertiveness training will provide delegates with effective tactics to build courage and manage difficult, demanding and aggressive behaviours.

Assertiveness Training In-House Agenda

Assertiveness and Managing Conflict In House Agenda


Coaching for Managers – CPD Accredited and Certified course

Our ‘Coaching for Managers’ one-day course will show delegates tried and tested methods about 1-2-1 training; executive coaching and how to develop people in order to improve productivity and motivation. We explain through discussion, role-play and case study how to coach staff to achieve the impossible in terms of team development and business performance.

It will also show them how to plan, prepare and implement a coaching programme for induction courses and how to evaluate its success. It also looks at the relationship between coaching, mentoring and training.

Coaching For Managers In House Agenda

Management and Coaching In House Agenda

Performance Management In-House Agenda

Customer Service and Customer Care

Every customer using your organisation should receive a positive and seamless service that is professional, efficient and responsive. Customers who are handled well will notice the good service, bring more business and hopefully build a long term relationship with you. Customers who are not handled well may damage your reputation and take their business to the competition. If you or your staff have to deal with customers both face to face or over the telephone then effective Customer Care training is essential in enabling you to develop a Customer Caring or ‘Customers First’ attitude to delivering service effectively and consistently.

Customer Service & Customer Care Training Course – In House Course Agenda

Dealing With Difficult People

Our dealing with difficult people courses are one of our popular courses as it effectively demonstrates how to neutralise problem situations in the workplace. It covers a wide range of scenarios that occur in the workplace such as; working with aggressive people, disagreeing with others, handling bullies at work, dealing with ignorant people at work and working with unreasonable people. This course will cover mediation and will show delegates how valuable managing and mediating conflict is when managing or handling difficult staff/employee(s). The dealing with difficult people at work course also provides useful information for working with a difficult boss/manager and guidance on how to deal with bullying in the workplace.

Dealing With Difficult People In House Agenda – Colleagues

Dealing With Difficult People In House Agenda – Customers/Clients

Delegation Skills

Place Holder

Delegation Skills In-House Agenda

Disciplinary Procedures

Place Holder

Disciplinary Procedures In-House Agenda

Interviewing Skills

This course will cover the practical skills needed for successful interviewing and our reputation for effective recruitment training has been endorsed by many delegates. Those who have attended the course have described it as being productive, informative and focused. It allows delegates to understand the stages of carrying out interviews and shows them how to conduct an effective interview so that they are able to attract the best candidates and choose the best person for the job. We guarantee to deliver the best employment strategies, tips and techniques for better interviewing and recruiting skills.

Interviewing Skills In House Agenda

Interviewing Skills for the Interviewee In-House Agenda

Introduction to sales

We, at Total Success Training Ltd are always being asked if our Sales Training Courses and Telemarketing Seminars teach techniques ‘that really work’ in the real world’. The answer to that question is ‘YES’ because our trainers not only train sales techniques but have actually sold over the telephone in previous jobs. They are able to use their experience to train our delegates to understand the tools and techniques that will enable them to sell confidently and with flair.

This is a valuable foundation course that is highly structured, interactive and focuses on bringing out the best of our delegates in a supportive environment. Most people possess the ability to sell and negotiate and our trainers use their 20 years of selling and training experience to increase the confidence and competence of potential sales ‘superstars’.

Introduction to sales In House Agenda

Account Management In-House Agenda

Leadership and Teambuilding – CPD Accredited and Certified course

Leadership and team building is a training course that is both challenging and practical. We aim to teach the fundamental ‘people management skills’ in a positive and constructive environment. It has been designed to enable delegates to understand the basic fundamentals of strategy and motivation in team building. You will benefit by learning tips and techniques that will increase your competence and confidence when managing, influencing and leading teams and individuals.

Leadership and Teambuilding In-House Agenda 1

Management and Leadership Two-day In House Agenda

Letter and Report Writing

Our letter and reporting writing course will allow delegates to gain useful writing tools, tips and techniques and also includes constructive letter and report templates. Delegates who have trained with us have effectively applied the skills gained from this course to their everyday workplace correspondence. This productive course will also demonstrate the particulars of writing effective emails, whilst improving punctuation and grammar.

All organisations need to convey a professional image in every way to stay ahead of the competition. It is paramount that all pieces of written documentation are faultless. As your professional reputation can be enhanced or ruined by your correspondence, it is essential that the style, content and message is concise, correct and appropriate.

Letter and Report Writing In House Agenda

High Impact Letter Writing In-House Agenda

Managing Meetings

Place Holder

Managing Meetings In-House Agenda

Managing Difficult Employees

In developing the course content we place emphasis on empowering staff that have a range of skills and experiences to develop greater quality and confidence in their work and increase productivity.

  • Gain an understanding of the issues that produce challenging behaviour and conflict
  • Develop a consistency of approach when dealing with potentially difficult situations
  • Handle confrontation in a calm and professional manner
  • Project a positive, tactful and assertive approach when handling difficult people

Managing Difficult Employees In-House Agenda

Managing the Difficult Appraisal

This course deals mainly with the difficulties that arise when we are appraising employees who are substandard in performance, behaviour or attitude. This type of interview needs to be handled well if the manager is to make the best of the performance appraisal. Handled badly and both manager and employee may walk away frustrated and demotivated. Handled well and a highly productive meeting can reinvigorate a poorly performing employee.

Managing the Difficult Appraisal In-House Agenda

Mediation Skills – CPD Accredited and Certified course

The role of the mediator is to help parties reach a solution to their problem and to arrive at an outcome that both parties are happy to accept. Mediators avoid taking sides, making judgements or giving guidance. They are simply responsible for developing effective communications and building consensus between the parties. The focus of a mediation meeting is to reach a common sense settlement agreeable to both parties in a case.

This course is designed for managers that need the skills to manage effectively difficult mediations and to handle the behaviour of challenging colleagues. It will enable delegates to:

1.      Gain an understanding of the issues that produce challenging behaviour and conflict

2.      Mediate conflict issues in a calm and professional manner

Mediation Skills In-House Agenda

Mediation Skills and Managing Conflict

Negotiation Skills

Our Negotiation Training courses are designed to deliver vital negotiation skills, tips and techniques to delegates who need new and different methods to improve and enhance their overall results when negotiating with colleagues, staff members or clients. Our Negotiation skills workshops are acknowledged for efficiently improving negotiation skills. Over the years we have received many excellent comments about the effective and hugely practical negotiation strategies and tactics that delegates have learned on our courses.

Negotiation Skills In House Agenda

Presentation Skills – CPD Accredited and Certified course

Our presentation courses are planned to significantly improve presentation skills to allow delegates of all levels to be able to make powerful presentations.  The presentation seminars that we provide are packed full of presentation tips and techniques that demonstrate strategies which will show delegates how to reduce nerves in presentations and to allow them to present confidently when presenting to clients or colleagues. Our presentation skills workshops are designed not just to show delegates how to make a simple presentation: they are designed to show delegates how to create a successful presentation also maximising the applications of PowerPoint to make great presentationsPresentation training will allow delegates to build on their presenting skills; make better presentations; enjoy making presentations and teach delegates how to present successfully.  Delegates who have taken our Presentation Courses have expressed how much they enjoyed the variety in our presentation skills training and now feel confident to present in any situation.

1 Day Presentation Skills In-House Course Agenda

2 Day Presentation Skills In-House Course Agenda

Advanced Presentation Skills In House Course Agenda

PowerPoint Presentation Skills In House Course Agenda

Project Management

Managing projects is not easy, but it is a crucial task in the workplace. Our Project Management training course will present delegates with useful strategies that will assist them with:

  • organising projects
  • improving project management skills
  • managing projects effectively
  • project planning
  • becoming a great project manager

With ever-increasing workloads and deadlines, the ability to manage our time has never been more important. Project management is a crucial factor in work and our project management courses are created to ensure that delegates can make their work based projects as efficient and effective as possible. We do this by supplying a project management training course that is full of tools and tips for improving project planning, time planning, delegation, organisation and management strategies, managing meetings, as well as handling and using time effectively. Our time management course will cover subjects such as goal setting, improving organisation skills and managing time successfully. Our seminars are packed with useful tips and techniques that allow you to become a better project manager instantly.

Project Management In-House Agenda

Stress Management

We provide training courses for managing stress, handling stress, reducing stress, in fact all work related stress issues.  Over the years we have trained thousands of people to enable them to recognise stress symptoms and causes and have given them stress management tips and techniques to enable them to identify the signs of stress and to beat and avoid it.  Our courses have a proven track record in stress reduction and managing stress at work.

Stress Management In House Agenda

Telephone Skills and Customer Care

Total Success run a one-day in-company Telephone Skills and Customer Care course  for those wishing to learn telephone etiquette and handling customers on the telephone. It’s designed for organisations who believe their  customer service staff would benefit from an injection of valuable tips and techniques when handling difficult customers (such as rude, angry or aggressive customers) as part of their daily duties.

Telephone Skills and Customer Care Training Course Agenda

Telephone Selling

Selling on the telephone is very different from face-to-face sales and a telesales team require a specific set of skills and techniques if they are to be successful. It is not enough just to give them a contact list and tell them to ‘get on with it’. Successful results in telephone sales is a by product of successful telesales training.

Telephone Selling In-House Agenda 1

Telephone Selling In-House Agenda 2


The New Manager

Total Success is well renowned for our management training courses as we cater to all levels of management. We are able to design courses for specific needs, whether it be improving management skills or providing management refresher training.

This course is designed for newly appointed managers and supervisors. Its modular approach builds into a toolkit of essential management skills and gives practical ‘real life’ examples, scenarios and techniques to enable the New Manager to manage with confidence. We place great emphasis on workshops, role-plays, active participation and group discussion to allow the knowledge to be understood and used quickly and easily in the work place.

The New Manager One Day In-House Agenda

The New Manager Two Day In-House Agenda

Time Management – CPD Accredited and Certified course

Time management has been in existence for more than 100 years. Unfortunately the term “Time management” creates a false impression of what a person is able to do. Time can’t be managed, time is uncontrollable; we can only manage ourselves and our use of time.

Our time management course agenda’s covers wide range of subjects from prioritising, delegating, assertiveness, managing interruptions, managing e-mail, using Outlook , tasks etc.

Time Management Training Course – In house agenda


Time Management with Microsoft Outlook – CPD Accredited and Certified course

This course focuses on managing time using Microsoft Outlook and will not only teach “Time Tips” but will introduce delegates to classic methods of using their time effectively to hit organisational deadlines and increasing productivity.

Time Management Training Course (working with Microsoft Outlook) – In house agenda


Train The Trainer – CPD Accredited and Certified course

Total Success have been running successful Train the Trainer courses since 1995. This one-day course is essential if you have just been promoted to a training or coaching role or you wish to refresh your training skills. It is full of practical tools and techniquesthat include:

This course will also benefit those who have become Training Managers and wish to know the fundamentals of developing organisational training programmes focusing on implementing training policy and improving staff competency levels.

Train The Trainer In-House Agenda

Train The Trainer Coaching Skills In-House Agenda

Train the Trainer 2-Day In-House Agenda


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