This course had been designed to teach delegates the basic fundamentals of management strategy and enable them to motivate individuals and teams towards higher productivity. They will also be learning time-tested tools and techniques which will increase their competence and confidence in leadership and team development.


Course Aims and Objectives

  • The programme is highly participative and experiential – participants conduct and review Management examples
  • We have designed it to be practical in its focus and will enable managers to: Motivate staff through good communication skills, be competent at setting goals, standards and objectives and handle difficult situations and be able to deal with awkward employees
  • All sessions are covered in a comprehensive New Manager course manual that doubles as a useful post-course reference for future development

Course Programme

This training programme equips delegates with the necessary skills and techniques to manage their team and perform to the best of their abilities.

  • It allows delegates, in a risk free environment, to understand the essential processes of good communication.
  • It enables delegates to fully understand the key processes of effective delegation and motivation.
  • It gives the tools necessary to be able to take responsibility in a number of situations, ranging from simple to very complex.
  • This allows delegates to see the benefits of informed decision making and taking action versus procrastination and indecision.

Pre/Post Course Support

Prior to conducting a course your training co-ordinator will have had the opportunity to liaise with one of our lead trainers who will begin to breakdown your companies objectives.

A key part of their process is understanding what led to your decision to improve your team.

We will incorporate all your current training materials to build in effective role plays and discussions suited specifically to your organisational needs.

Before each course delegates will have completed:

  • The pre-course questionnaire (Including personal objectives for the session)
  • A 5 minute training session that will be delivered during the course.

After the course each delegate will receive:

  • A CPD Accredited Certificate
  • A Comprehensive course manual
  • Additional resources beneficial to your continued learning
  • Video analysis and critique (Depending on delegate numbers)

Your organisation will receive:

  • Constructive feedback on the delegates progression
  • A roadmap for continued learning specifically to your needs


Proposed One-Day Course Agenda

This is a proposed agenda for the course.

Morning9.30-1.00 / Afternoon 2.00-5.30

Management and Leadership

One of the unifying characteristics of high performing managers is their ability to recognise situations and act accordingly; this is the basis of situational leadership. Each manager will be able to analyse their own management style and assess its impact on the knowledge, attitude and skills of their team members. From this the managers will develop a situational action plan for the team and its individual members.

Giving feedback to colleagues in difficult situations

The ability to give constructive, positive feedback to colleagues in a way which enables them to do their job better is one of the real skills in ‘people management’. Skills needed are communication, assertiveness and the ability to build rapport. This session will allow the group to practice these skills in ‘real situations’ and evaluate their own personal strengths and weaknesses.

  • how to give positive criticism and feedback
    • defining performance problems and problem employees
    • effective action plans
    • essential follow-up and keeping the employee on track
    • effective communication to overcoming conflict
    • how to deliver bad news

How to delegate effectively

The second biggest reason for business failure in the UK is the inability to delegate. Delegation is one of the cornerstones of effective time management as it enables managers to save huge blocks of time whilst developing and motivating staff. We will cover the ‘What, How and Why’ of delegating and how it builds strong teams. This session covers the delegation process; it highlights the essentials every delegator must know; from picking a suitable candidate and communicating the project objectives to ensuring you are on top of the delegation through to its successful conclusion.

  • Delegation ground rules
  • How to plan effectively
  • Setting mid and long term objectives
  • Setting priorities
  • Decision making
  • Communication skills and deadline management

Course close and paperwork

All delegates will complete an action plan that can be used to evaluate the skills learned from the day.


The focus of the training is to develop the both managers and team leaders on the challenges they face everyday, maximise on current strengths and develop/share good working practices which may already exist.

Proposed methods of training will include:

  • Trainer-led facilitation
  • Role-playing typical situations (using video or audio feedback, if applicable)
  • Group work
  • Workbook exercises and activities
  • Video scenarios with discussion.

All delegates will receive a workbook that doubles as an excellent post course reference manual.