• Feedback is a Gift



Sometimes in our work lives, we forget the things that our parents taught us. Practice makes perfect. Reading a blog post about being able to lead or give feedback is not going to change behavior. It may increase awareness – but it certainly won’t change behavior by itself. You need to practice these skills in order to develop.


  • How Leaders Become Self-Aware



Leaders need to spend time on self-reflection to see if their action and behaviors are actually impactful. In my experience, this is actually a lot harder than it sounds. Leaders need to dedicate time for self-reflection and put processes in place to track their performance.


  • Stop Making Plans; Start Making Decisions


The best tip is the realization that successful leaders focus on a few key themes. You never want to stretch yourself too thin. Making decisions on the strategic priorities and then allowing that to drive all other business decisions, is key.


  • 9 Ways to Take More Initiative at Work



If something doesn’t go as planned, you at least know it wasn’t because you didn’t prepare. Removing that variable from the equation will help you pinpoint exactly what happened in tough situations.


  • Making Change Happen: How to Create Urgency


Not everyone shares your same vision. In order to get others on board, you need to communicate the vision and provide a road map. This will help others see the overarching goals and they can plan accordingly.


  • Bret L. Simmons


Dr. Bret (as he’s known on Twitter) is on the faculty of the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno. He’s also a leadership consultant. His blog takes on tough topics; plus I like that he assigns his students leadership blogs to read as part of their coursework—a contemporary take on college homework.


  • Thin Difference



A blog geared toward the future generation of leaders, Thin Difference focuses on sharing experiences and ideas to solve problems. This blog is working to close the generational gaps in the workplace. They are using lessons learned throughout history to improve leadership fundamentals. Discover a variety of stories and unique experiences shared by leaders who are solving problems in the world of business.


  • The Chief Happiness Officer Blog


If you’ve ever wished your office were a happier place to work, you’re on the same track as the people at the Chief Happiness Officer Blog. This blog places a huge emphasis on creating a happy work environment for employees. You spend most of your day at work. Shouldn’t you enjoy it? As a leader, you are uniquely positioned to make a direct impact on the happiness of your workplace and employees. The Chief Happiness Officer Blog wants to help, and they even offer their Chief Happiness Officer Academy around the world so that more teams can learn how to create a happy, collaborative work environment.


  • Lead On Purpose



Lead on Purpose is primarily focused on content for product managers, but the tools and information found here are applicable to many different leadership roles. Michael Ray Hopkin offers 15 years of product-management experience and insight as he shares posts on leadership, innovation, product management, team building, and more. He aims to promote flexibility, persuasion, optimism, and persistence in managers and leaders.


  • Experience to Lead



A collaborative effort, Experience to Lead pulls information on leadership from a variety of sources and industries you may not typically relate to leadership. This website emphasizes that leadership principles can be found in sports, history, news, and more. Their team consists of individuals with backgrounds in management, event planning, and even former astronauts and flight attendants who all share their leadership insights. Explore their unique take on leadership and get some new ideas you can use.