Top 10 Things Not to Say to Angry Customers by Helprace


If you ever spent your hard-earned money on a product that failed to meet expectations, you’ll know the feeling. And sometimes that’s all it takes to turn the most patient of us into raving maniacs. Help desk support managers should realize that handling a difficult customer isn’t about saying the “right” thing – rather, it’s about not saying the “wrong” thing at the most tempting moment.

Here are some things you shouldn’t say to a distressed customer and why, along with pointers on how to regain customer trust after the fact.


10 ‘Must-Have’ Skills for Being Awesome at Customer Service by Provide Support

When it comes to providing outstanding customer service, it’s the people who make all the difference. While it certainly takes time, training, practice and dedication to become a rockstar in customer service, it doesn’t have to be that hard when you know where exactly to focus your efforts on. Here’s the list of 10 must-have soft skills that matter most and that everyone involved in customer service should master and use in their daily interactions with customers.

How to Onboard and Train New Customer Service Reps by Zendesk


Onboarding new customer service reps quickly and successfully is as important to your customers as it is for your team and business. Whether you’re quickly building your support team or dealing with attrition, helping your reps hit the ground running will also help you maintain high customer satisfaction. Here you’ll find advice for setting expectations for new reps and also tips for successful onboarding and training.


How to Nurture Customers During the Long Growth Stage by Totango


After new customers are fully onboarded, they move along the customer journey into the growth stage (nurture or adoption stage). For most recurring revenue companies, this stage is the longest.

Looking at the representation below, customers typically spend 30 days in the new or onboarding stage, 30 days in the renewal stage, and the remaining time or 305 days of the year, in the customer growth stage.


How to successfully begin a conversation in business
A fascinating Forbes article that argues that men, and executive women, have three questions in mind when you call them. It then shows how to deal with these issues up front on the call, so that they can actually listen to what you have to say. Excellent advice.


5 ways to listen better video
Short (8 minutes) but inspiring TED speech by Julian Treasure on how we’re losing our ability to listen effectively. He offers five simple, daily exercises to help overcome the problem.


CX Journey

When it comes to customer experience, the name of this blog says it all: CX Journey focuses on all aspects of the never-ending customer journey. The blog is run by the vastly knowledgable, very personable Annette Franz. She’s a writer, an innovator, and a force to be reckoned with.

Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog

Shep Hyken is another amazing customer service expert, with years of experience and wisdom at his beck and call. Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog provides regular updates including customer experience thought leadership pieces, insightful customer service guest posts, and recommendations of great articles from other blogs.

What Five Years as a Janitor Taught Me About Customer Service by Support Driven

I spent five years working as a janitor for a school district. During those five years I learned invaluable customer service skills. Not too many people associate janitorial work with customer service. But, after doing it for five years, I would argue that customer service is at the heart of being a good janitor.