Coaching For Managers In House Agenda – CPD Accredited and Certified

Course, aims and objectives

Our objective is to teach delegates practical skills and techniques which will give them both the confidence and competence to deliver effective coaching and training sessions.

The program is based on tested training principles including modules on: delivery on key messages; learning theory; setting objectives; learning styles; design and delivery techniques; audience facilitation and evaluation methods.

This course had been designed to enable delegates to understand the basic fundamentals of strategy and motivation in team building. Delegates will benefit by learning tips and techniques which will increase their competence and confidence when managing, influencing and leading teams.

Course agenda

The ability to train staff is one of the essential skills of the effective manager. Coaching sessions must have identifiable objectives, be well structured and include elements of evaluation for it to be truly effective.

  • An introduction to coaching
  • Relationship of coaching, training and managing
  •  Coaching overview of coaching
  •  Spotting coaching and mentoring opportunities
  • Questionnaire-Coaching style analysis
  • Coaching overview
  • Recognise the need/challenge
  • Assess the opportunities
  • Empowerment and influence
  • Identifying fall-back factors
  • Review and evaluate
  • Planning the next step
  • One to one training
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Role-play and critique
  •  Coaching evaluation


The focus of the training is to develop the both managers and team leaders on the challenges they face everyday, maximise on current strengths and develop/share good working practices which may already exist.

Proposed methods of training will include:

  • Trainer-led facilitation
  • Role-playing typical situations (using video or audio feedback, if applicable)
  • Group work
  • Workbook exercises and activities
  • Video scenarios with discussion.

All delegates will receive a workbook that doubles as an excellent post course reference manual.