Introduction to sales In House Agenda

“Give me someone of average ability with a burning desire and I will give you a winner in return; every time” Andrew Carnegie


This course is designed to give new salespeople the confidence to appoint, present to and close potential customers. We use a combination of learning methods but place emphasis on role-play based on products and services relevant to the delegate’s own organisations.

This course is designed for sales staff to:

  • promote the organisation’s products and services to existing and new clients
  • generate extra income from these products and services
  • support the objectives and core values of the organisation
  • develop a consistency of approach when selling over the phone
  • project a professional and positive image with each call they make

For this reason it is written with both the customer’s and the company’s needs in mind to maximise on potential sales and client loyalty.

Course Agenda

We have included a one-day agenda. It can be extended to a two-day course. The benefits of a two-day course are:

  • Delegates are able to role-play in greater depth allowing them to use the skills and techniques more confidently
  • On our sales courses we try to use typical customer profiles as a basis for group discussion and role-play. This gives the course delegates the opportunity and time to consider the needs of their customers

One-Day Course Agenda

Introductions and objectives

Understand the psychology of selling and why customers buy

Customer transition and the psychology of buying. We all go through a specific process when we decide to buy goods and services. We will show delegates how to match their sale with the customer’s buying sequence so that they can actively sell to ‘real’ needs and wants.

Organisation strategies for future sales

Recording customer details for the future enables the salesperson to maximise the potential from the customer. Delegates will discover the essential details to collect that will help them to plan for both call backs and repeat enquiries.

Customer Style Analysis

Building rapport is not just analysing what the customer is saying but also understanding the customer business style and personality. In this way the tele-professional will be able to recognise the type and style of personality they are dealing with and can ‘slot’ quickly and easily with the client ensuring a smooth communication process. By using a behavioural style questionnaire, delegates will be able to understand their ‘business style profile’ and how to use it to influence the customer.

Proposed methods of training will include:

  • Role-play (using video/audio feedback depending on group size).
  • Video scenarios with discussion.
  • Group discussion.

All delegates will receive a 60 page workbook that doubles as an excellent post course reference manual.

All our in-house training is tailored to your requirements, this is our standard In-House Agenda but bear in mind the course could be tailored to your needs.