These Performance management training videoshas been developed for managers, team leaders and supervisors.  We have designed them to be practical in its focus rather than a purely theoretical course. Its practical aspects will enable managers to:

  • Enable them to be competent at setting goals, standards and objectives, both for the team and individuals
  • Handle difficult situations and be able to deal with awkward employees
  • Motivate staff through good communication skills

One of the main responsibilities of the modern manager is to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your team in relation to its goals and to provide the motivation and skills to achieve those goals. This course will help you to improve the direction, motivation and goal achievement of your team. The ability to give constructive, positive feedback to colleagues in a way which enables them to do their job better is one of the real skills in ‘people management’. Skills needed are communication, assertiveness and the ability to build rapport. This session will allow the group to practice these skills in ‘real situations’ and evaluate their own personal strengths and weaknesses.