Examples of different presenters.

Our presentation courses are planned to significantly improve presentation skills to allow delegates of all levels to be able to make powerful presentations. The presentation seminars that we provide are packed full of presentation tips and techniques that demonstrate strategies which will show delegates how to reduce nerves in presentations and to allow them to present confidently when presenting to clients or colleagues. Our presentation skills workshops are designed not just to show delegates how to make a simple presentation: they are designed to show delegates how to create a successful presentation also maximising the applications of PowerPoint to make great presentations. Presentation training will allow delegates to build on their presenting skills; make better presentations; enjoy making presentations and teach delegates how to present successfully. Delegates who have taken our Presentation Courses have expressed how much they enjoyed the variety in our presentation skills training and now feel confident to present in any situation.



Delivery and Voice Projection

These Presentation videos will show you how to; demonstrate winning presentation skills; deliver effective presentations and how to become a better presenter. As well as improving presentation skills, in our range of Youtube presentation skills videos you will also learn the whole presentation process from start to finish. This video will cover the practical skills needed for successful presentations and give you a starting point on how to plan for the presentation and deliver the best and most impactful content.

Here in a live seminar you will hear one of our trainers discuss • Why the voice is really important in effective presenting • How stress affects the voice • Breathing Exercises that help with voice projection • Relaxing the muscles in neck and throat to help with voice projection • Speaking at a pace that the audience can follow • Practice speaking at half your natural speed to help with articulation and emphasis • Why and how a dry mouth affects our delivery of words