This course is designed for people who need to address both the short and long term issues of individual and work-related stress. We will show that by identifying the ‘real’ causes of stress and tackling them head on will provide the means to improve the quality of our lives, both personally and professionally.

During the course delegates will begin to understand the causes of work-related stress and to learn tips and techniques that will enable them to feel more in control. The focus of the course is to teach practical techniques that will help to reduce the harmful consequences of stress.

Course contents and agenda  9.30-4.00

Part one – Recognising Stress

  • Understanding stress – What is pressure and what is stress?

What is stress? There are a multitude of causes and reactions to stress and we will show the physical manifestations of stress and how they have evolved.

  • Recognising your own ‘stressors’

How stress shows itself – the first step to combating stress is to understand it. From an extensive list of stress reactions the delegates will examine their own specific stressors and by group discussion identify common stress inducers.

  • Creating your own personal stress framework

Delegates will complete a ‘pressure circle’ from which they will discover how situations can cause stress and understand the journey that occurs when we start to become stressed. Using this they will be asked to identify key actions points to start recognising and managing their stressors.

Part two – Managing stress in others

  • Eliminating stress

We will examine ways of tackling workplace stress. From work shop and group discussion we will develop strategies for tackling the main causes of stress. This may involve aspects of time management, assertiveness, communication strategy, strategic decision making, delegation, positive thinking and managing negative emotions.

  • Recognising and reducing organisational stress

Stress has many ways of showing itself ranging from anger/frustration to absenteeism to low morale. Group workshops will attempt to identify when ‘real’ stress is an issue and what specific actions are required. This session will give managers the ‘tools’ to spot the signs of stress and how to change maladaptive behaviours into adaptive behaviours.

  • Helping others to manage stress

An essential part of management is to facilitate effective communication on a personal and group level. From group discussion and role-play delegates will learn how to effectively counsel fellow employees to identify stress and develop agreed solutions.

  • How our perceptions cause stress

‘Perception is your only true reality’ as the saying goes. From our interactive group workshop we will examine how our own perceptions cause us stress. Delegates will also learn ‘reframing’ techniques enabling us to help others cope more effectively with stress.

  • Internal dialogue

80% of your internal dialogue is negative. We will consider ways of increasing our internal positive dialogue in specific stressful situations. In this section we will cover how to change negative perceptions; strategies for managing emotional triggers and re-tuning disabling thoughts into positive approaches.

  • Coping strategies

Delegates will examine a number of coping strategies for dealing with specific high pressure situations and draft their own ‘personal coping strategy’.

  • Work stress

Using a combination of brainstorming, mind mapping techniques and problem solving, delegates will identify where the stress within an organisation is most prevalent. We will cover issues such as change, relationships, skills and tasks.

Proposed methods of training will include:

  • Trainer-led facilitation
  • Role-playing typical situations (using video or audio feedback, if applicable)
  • Group work
  • Workbook exercises and activities
  • Video scenarios with discussion.

All delegates will receive a workbook that doubles as an excellent post course reference manual.

Training Costs

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Course Costs

Live, Virtual Remote Training Courses via Zoom, Teams or Webex

  • In-House Full Day – Live, Virtual Remote Course – 1 Day Course – £895 plus VAT
  • In-House Full Day – Live, Virtual Remote Course – 2 Day Course – £1790 plus VAT
  • In-House Half Day – Live, Virtual Remote Course – £600 plus VAT

Face to Face In-House Training Courses

  • In-House Full Day – Face- To-Face Course – 1 Day Course – £1495 plus VAT
  • In-House Full Day – Face- To-Face Course – 2 Day Course – £2990 plus VAT
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  2. The rate is the same irrespective of delegate numbers.
  3. All training fees must be paid in full before training commences
  4. We will supply training materials; delegate manuals, handouts and trainer slides