The New Manager Two Day In-House Agenda


The modern manager has to juggle task, team and individual needs to ensure departmental objectives are met. Technical proficiency alone is not enough to ensure a happy and productive team. Managers need to master ‘people skills’ if they are to succeed in the long term.

This two-day course designed to improve the leadership skills of managers and team leaders. It focuses on practical techniques and strategies that are reinforced with task assignments and an action plan, developed during the training, for future follow-up.

This course will enable both new and experienced managers to:

  • Fully understand their role and responsibilities
  • Enable them to be competent at setting goals, standards and objectives, both for the team and individuals
  • Develop and counsel their staff by appraisals, delegation and training
  • Communicate effectively with staff to produce desired results



Delegates will be asked to complete a questionnaire highlighting current management issues; both problems and opportunities. They will also be required to complete a personal management audit for analysis during the course.


Day One

9.30                 Introductions, course objectives and agenda

10.15               Motivation theory and practise

Practical strategies for motivating both individuals and teams

11.00               Break

12.00               Delegation

How to delegate and ensure the job is done successfully

1.00                 Lunch

2.00                 Communication skills for managers

Questioning, listening and summarising skills

3.15                 Break

3.30                 Communicating change and dealing with unpleasant news

How to ensure difficult issues are handled effectively

5.00                 Situational leadership and leadership styles

Questionnaire – Analysing your leadership style

5.25                 Action planning

5.30                 Close

Day Two

9.30                 Performance management and appraising staff

11.00               Break

11.15               Reviewing performance

How to review objectively to increase performance

12.00               Giving feedback

Do’s and don’ts of effective feedback

1.00                 Lunch

2.00                 The assertive manager

Praising good behaviour and correcting unacceptable behaviour

3.30                 Break

3.45                 Managing meetings

Tips and techniques to achieve productive meetings

5.00                 Final paperwork and course close


The focus of the training is to develop the both managers and team leaders on the challenges they face everyday, maximise on current strengths and develop/share good working practices which may already exist.

Proposed methods of training will include:

  • Trainer-led facilitation
  • Role-playing typical situations (using video or audio feedback, if applicable)
  • Group work
  • Workbook exercises and activities
  • Video scenarios with discussion.

All delegates will receive a workbook that doubles as an excellent post course reference manual.