In today’s business environment, you must have good presentation skills to be successful. We live in a world of meetings, presentations and conferences, in which a clear and assertive presentation can get you a promotion, fund your idea or secure a contract.

Presenting information clearly and concisely is the key to getting your message across. However, most people feel terrified when asked to speak in public. Through practice and preparation, you’ll become more confident in your presentation skills, and you’ll find yourself being less nervous when public speaking.

We’ll explain why virtual reality is the perfect tool to increase your confidence and improve your presentation skills.

Our presentation courses are planned to significantly improve presentation skills to allow delegates of all levels to be able to make powerful presentations.  The presentation seminars that we provide are packed full of presentation tips and techniques that demonstrate strategies which will show delegates how to reduce nerves in presentations and to allow them to present confidently when presenting to clients or colleagues. Our presentation skills workshops are designed not just to show delegates how to make a simple presentation: they are designed to show delegates how to create a successful presentation also maximising the applications of PowerPoint to make great presentations.  Presentation training will allow delegates to build on their presenting skills; make better presentations; enjoy making presentations and teach delegates how to present successfully.  Delegates who have taken our Presentation Courses have expressed how much they enjoyed the variety in our presentation skills training and now feel confident to present in any situation.

Who will benefit from the course?

Give a TED talk in front of hundreds of people, deliver a speech at a wedding, teach a room full of students – all from the safety of your own home. By practicing your presentation skills in virtual reality, you’ll build up a positive visualization in your mind of you delivering a great presentation.

Plenty of studies have proven the effectiveness of positive visualization. When we imagine a positive outcome to a scenario in our mind, it’s more likely to play out the way we envision. Instead of thinking “I’m going to completely forget what to say on stage”, use VR to visualise yourself delivering an inspiring speech with great enthusiasm.

Our courses allow all staff to benefit from enhanced presentation skills using Virtual Reality. The types of delegate we have trained previously are:

  • Directors and senior managers
  • Sales and fundraising staff
  • Local government employees
  • Managers, department heads, team leaders and supervisors
  • Technical and academic team members

This course focuses on developing delegate’s skills and confidence in an encouraging, positive and patient environment whilst maintaining an element of fun and active participation.

Presentation skills is one of Warren Wint’s (our lead trainer) favourite courses because he believes everyone has the potential to excel if they are given the necessary skills and support. He also recognises the importance of effective communication skills for career development and promotion.

Warren has an distinctive training style which previous delegates have described as ‘lively’, ‘charismatic’, ‘thought provoking’ and ‘fun’. He promises delegates on his courses both a challenging and exciting time.

Typical one-day course agenda

Morning 9.30-1.00

  • Introduction/aims/objectives
  • Presentation principles
  • One minute presentations and critique
  • Establishing presentation aims and key messages
  • Creating powerful beginnings and endings
  • Keeping audience attention

Afternoon 2.00-5.30

  • Presenting with PowerPoint
  • Overcoming fear
  • Voice projection skills – techniques to improve your vocal image.
  • Essential body language – maximise your non-verbal image
  • Video critique – all presentations will be videoed for objective assessment
  • Final paperwork and course close

Our training is carried out in a risk free environment which encourages delegates to practice the skills needed for successful appraisals. We use a number of training methods including role-play, video, audio, workshops and group exercises to enhance the learning process.

What will delegates learn?

  • How to project credibility in your presentation
  • Recognising essential do’s and don’ts for perfect presentations
  • Keeping audience attention throughout the presentation
  • How to deliver powerful beginnings and endings
  • How to structure your presentation to deliver your key messages
  • How to recognise and maximise your presentation strengths
  • How to hide visible signs of nerves
  • How to write impromptu presentations
  • How to maximise voice projection to create impact
  • Develop powerful body language
  • How to handle difficult questions from difficult audiences
  • How to design and use visual aids to support your message

Why choose Total Success for your training?

  • our lead trainers have over 18 years experience in training
  • a maximum of 6 delegates means more time spent on individual needs
  • we guarantee to run the course and will never cancel at the last moment
  • free subscription to our monthly training newsletter

All open courses are trained in Central London

Each delegate receives a comprehensive training workbook that doubles as an open course manual. Courses run from 9.30-5.30 with lunch and refreshments provided.

In-company courses

Total Success have developed a series of in-house training modules. These are designed so that an organisation can pick the training which is more applicable to its own needs and budget. Please call us to discuss your specific requirements

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