Best Resources for Stress Management

Stress & Anxiety by Headspace

Those interested in trying meditation to relieve stress will find guidance at Headspace. There’s an app you can try, or sign up on the website to start meditating today. The blog also offers valuable information for finding relief. Recent posts cover happy, healthy relationships; tips for coping when politics are stressing you out; and guided walks designed to improve your day.

Auntie Stress

Marianna Paulson, or Auntie Stress to her clients and friends, draws from personal experience to help others learn to transform stress into greater well-being. Diagnosed at 19 with rheumatoid arthritis, she developed a pragmatic method of dealing with the ups and downs that’s proven to be helpful for others. Now a stress transformation coach and educator, she shares these time-tested tools and strategies designed to help people find more control and improve recovery from stressful states.

Stress to Strength

Anyone seeking tips and tricks for mastering stress will find great information here. The blog offers simple, actionable advice for reducing stress and dropping cortisol levels. Find self-care strategies, techniques, common causes, solutions, and tools, including an online stress test, plus much more.

How to Deal with Stress by Refinery29

Refinery29 maintains quite the library about stress and stress management. Various contributors share multiple techniques and strategies, the real impact of stress on your body and mind, and personal stories about dealing with stress in real life.


Stress Management: How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope With Stress (

This resource is part of Help guide, a non-profit dedicated to helping people overcome life’s challenges. The resource does a nice job highlighting important information in blue boxes and also provides tips in easy-to-remember formats, like the Four A’s of dealing with stressful situations.


Stress Management Resources (Mind Tools): 

This site is broken into 12 sections, laid out nicely and clearly on the main page of the resource. It includes sections like Understanding Stress, Your Environment, Building Defences, Avoid Burnout, and more.

The Mighty

This contributor-based blog focuses on more than 600 health topics, but all articles revolve around mental health themes. The Mighty’s anxiety page, which you can “favorite” and follow, has more than 1,000 posts thus far where contributors openly share their personal thoughts on living with the mental disorder. So if you think no one else in the world gets why dating with anxiety is the most stressful thing ever or understands the irrational way it can make you fearful everyone will leave you, The Mighty will prove you wrong.

Anxious Lass

Anxious Lass is run by Kelly “Kel” Jean, a British wedding photographer, metal music lover, and social anxiety slayer. In addition to her fun blog posts on both social anxiety and depression, Kel also provides friendly services, like a week-long email course on how to de-stress and a self-help e-book called Social Anxiety to Social Success. With an open-minded tone and a bit of humor, Kel’s blog posts make anyone feel welcomed.

How to Reduce Stress by Doing Less and Doing It Slowly

Tiny Buddha offers “simple wisdom for complex lives, with quotes, tips, and stories to help us help ourselves and each other.” How to Reduce Stress by Doing Less an Doing It Slowly is one of Tiny Buddha’s stress management articles that we think shares some great tips for slowing down and reducing stress levels.


Five Ways to Never Be Stressed Again

Dr. Mark Hyman is a New York Times bestselling author who is “dedicated to transforming healthcare and tackling the root causes of chronic illness through functional medicine.” His stress management article, Five Ways to Never Be Stressed Again, explains that stress is a perception and that people need to do a U-turn to worry and stress less.