While we’re busy working at home it’s good to be able to take a break from a busy day. Even better, when the break will enable you to learn new skills and perhaps rejuvenate old ones.

We at Total Success Training recognise the need to keep motivated when working so we have put together a weekly schedule of live training workshops we will be delivering online. These are all free of charge and gives us a chance to introduce you to our other course output.

Have a look at our course agendas and decide which ones you would like to register for. Once you’ve signed up, click here and fill in the form and we will send you your training notes and pre-course activities. We’ll also send you the log-in details and you’re good to go. To make it easy to remember, we will be running them every Thursday from 10am-11:30am.


Course Dates:


Time Management

Thursday, April 9th – 10am-11:30am

Delegates will have the skills to manage their priorities to get things done on time and enhance team productivity and performance. In this course delegates will learn skills which will improve:

  • Daily planning
  • Assertiveness
  • Setting priorities
  • Decision making
  • E-mail management
  • Communication skills
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Please download the log-in details to join the workshop here.

Please download the course notes here and the exercises form here.

Managing Meetings

Thursday, April 16th – 10am-11:30am

Delegates will have the skills to plan and manage their meetings to get things done on time and enhance team productivity and performance. In this course you will learn skills which will improve:

  • Setting the meeting agenda
  • How to run the meeting effectively
  • Creating workable minutes
  • 8 key steps to meeting excellence
  • Managing remote meetings
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Please download the pre-course information form (includes log-in details) here.

You can download the course notes and exercises here.


Stress Management – Understanding Stress

Thursday, April 30th – 10am-11:30am

Thursday, May 28th – 10am-11:30am

This course is designed to address both the short and long term issues of individual and work-related stress. We will show that by identifying the ‘real’ causes of stress and tackling them head on will provide the means to improve the quality of our lives, both personally and professionally. During the course delegates will begin to understand

  • the causes of work-related stress
  • the 4 main ways that stress affects the body
  • learn tips and techniques that will enable them to feel more in control.

The focus of the course is to teach practical techniques that will help to reduce the harmful consequences of stress.

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Please download the log-in details to join the workshop here.

Please download the course notes here and the exercises form here.

Email Writing Skills

Thursday, June 4th – 10am-11:30am

Effective business writing is a skill anyone can learn. This course concentrates on writing emails that get your message across and generates action. It will show that creative business writing skills can be learnt in a fun and informative way with the emphasis on composition.

  • The key steps to email writing
  • Planning the contents
  • How to interest the reader
  • Composing letter which generate action
  • Tips for increasing the effectiveness of your writing
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Leadership & Management – Coaching Skills

Thursday, June 18th – 10am-11:30am

The modern manager needs to know how to develop people. This course shows how to plan and prepare coaching session and how to evaluate the success of the process. Delegates will learn:

  • An overview of the coaching process
  • Recognising the opportunities for coaching
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Coaching evaluation and motivating your trainees
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Running Remote Training Sessions

Thursday, July 2nd – 10am-11:30am

This course will give delegates the strategies necessary if they are to run training sessions online. It covers:

  • Setting the training agenda
  • How to run the session effectively
  • Managing the course logistics
  • Key steps to controlling your meeting
  • Managing remote meetings from introduction to summary and conclusion
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Meetings Management – Managing the Difficult Meeting

TBC  – 10am-11:30am

Whether team meetings discussing difficult issues or dealing with a difficult person, excellent communication skills are vital. Delegates will learn how  to plan and manage these types of meeting effectively. In this course delegates will learn skills which will improve:

  • Planning for the difficult team meeting
  • How to run the meeting smoothly and calmly
  • Setting ground rules for difficult individuals
  • The 8 key stages that need managing to achieve results
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Creative Thinking

Thursday, July 9th – 10am-11:30am

The ability to think creatively is a much valued skill for the modern professional. This course will look at ways to unleash and direct your creative thought towards creating opportunities, e.g. new markets, new ways of doing things, etc

  • Creative versus analytical thinking self-assessment
  • Recognising the facets of creative thought
  • Developing workable strategies for raising creatively
  • Creative techniques in the workplace
  • Generating new ideas
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Leadership & Management – Giving Feedback

Thursday, July 16th – 10am-11:30am

Feedback is often referred to as ‘the breakfast of champions’. This course shows how to give effective feedback that motivates their team.  Delegates will learn:

  • Key benefits of effective feedback
  • Dealing with difficult situations that demand effective feedback
  • Giving and receiving feedback to improve performance
  • How to give praise that motivates
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Leadership & Management – Running Remote Teams

Thursday, July 23rd – 10am-11:30am

To enable candidates to understand the basic fundamentals of managing and motivating a remote team. It will and give them the skills and confidence to develop and lead these types of team. The subjects covered will include:

  • Essential skills for remote management
  • Setting standards and follow up
  • Motivation theory and practice
  • Coaching and development
  • Communication strategies
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Managing Projects

Friday, August 6th – 10am-11:30am

Project management is the practical way of ensuring that projects meet objectives by managing the three variables of quality, cost and time. Effective project management is being able to manage these variables effectively, with and through the efforts of other people.

This course shows that theory can be translated into effective practice, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget and to the correct quality specification.

  • Creating an effective project brief and proposal
  • Project planning tools and implementation
  • Decision making and managing deadlines
  • Team communication and managing meetings
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Time Management with Outlook

Thursday, August 13th – 10am-11:30am

This course focuses on managing time using Microsoft Outlook and will not only teach “Time Tips” but will introduce delegates to classic methods of using their time effectively to hit organisational deadlines and increase their quality of life. The training course will cover:

  • Daily Planning and prioritising
  • Managing your e-mail traffic
  • Organising meetings electronically
  • Using Tasks to plan, prioritise and follow up on projects
  • Using Outlook to plan long term goals
  • Writing effective e-mails
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Delegation Skills

TBC – 10am-11:30am

The second biggest reason for business failure in the UK is the inability to delegate. If you find yourself in the situation of having to do everything yourself, constantly working late and taking work home at the weekend then delegation may be the answer to the challenges you face at work. This course covers

  • The delegation process
  • The essentials every delegator must know
  • Picking a suitable candidate
  • Communicating the project objectives
  • Ensuring you are on top of the delegation through to its successful conclusion.
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