Performance Appraisal Training Courses – Training the Appraisers

This one-day appraisal course will teach delegates how to raise the motivation of employees and improve performance through setting objectives; giving effective feedback and praise. Our performance management course also provides tips and techniques for managing conflict in appraisals as well as showing delegates how to write effective performance reviews quickly, easily and effectively.  Delegates who have taken our appraisal courses have gone on to see a dramatic increase in staff performance through applying the strategies they have learnt in the art of ‘appraising employees successfully’.

Training the appraisers

The first step is to ensure that the appraisers are equipped to carry out the task. They will require training to:

  • reinforce the objectives and benefits of the appraisal scheme
  • familiarise themselves with the appraisal procedure
  • conduct effective appraisal interviews
  • coach and develop staff

Legal requirements

There is no legal requirement for an organisation to formally appraise its employees. However, a number of legal obligations should be kept in mind when introducing an appraisal system:

a)      If the appraisal scheme is to be linked to pay in any way, it may be necessary to disclose details about how the scheme operates to a trade union for the purposes of collective bargaining.

b)      The Data Protection Acts give individual employees the right of access to personal data held about them. Appraisal records will fall into this category of information. If expressions of opinion about an employee’s suitability for promotion are not intended to be seen by the employee, careful thought needs to be given to the storage of such information.

c)      Appraisal records may be used to support complaints to employment tribunals in discrimination cases. Employers must review their appraisal schemes regularly to ensure that they do not discriminate in terms of race, sex or disability in particular.

d)      Applicants to employment tribunals for unfair dismissal on the grounds of unacceptable performance often complain that they received little feedback about their job performance. The appraisal process is not a substitute for the organisation’s disciplinary procedures, but it is an appropriate forum for reinforcing messages about inadequate performance. Through the appraisal process employees can be made aware of areas of weakness and the consequences of failing to improve.

e)      Equal pay legislation requires that men and women receive equal pay where the work they do is the same, or broadly similar. Work rated as equivalent under a job evaluation scheme should also attract equal pay. Any performance review/appraisal system must distribute any pay rewards even-handedly.

Performance Appraisal Training Courses

When it comes to employee performance appraisals, setting SMART objectives and giving constructive feedback are essential skills for any manager and our appraisal training courses show delegates how to carry out appraisal and performance reviews successfully.

Course Dates

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Who will benefit from the course?

Our appraisal training seminars enable delegates to understand the processes which will make them more effective and increase their confidence and sense of achievement. Anyone who needs to master the principles and practices of an effective performance review; including senior/junior managers, supervisors, training/hr managers, directors, administrative and technical staff.

What will delegates learn?

  • how to structure the interview
  • how to build rapport and relax the appraisee
  • how to avoid appraisal pitfalls
  • how to praise and criticise constructively
  • how to pre-empt and handle difficult situations
  • how to complete the appraisal form clearly and objectively
  • how to ensure great performance is maintained after the appraisal

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