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by Indigo Tree on October 27, 2011

In addition to our training courses we have also produced a series of podcasts which allow you to discover first hand how effective our training is. These podcasts are short snippets taken from actual training courses where our trainers discuss topics, tips, techniques and strategies with our course delegates and give you the listener, a real insight into the world of telephone selling.

Our telesales seminars  demonstrate that telesales is very different from face-to-face sales and a telesales team require a specific set of skills and techniques if they are to be successful. It is not enough just to give them a contact list and tell them to ‘get on with it’. Successful results in telephone sales is a by product of successful telesales training.

PODCAST 1 – Telesales Objections

In this live podcast, Total Success’s Senior Trainer, Warren Wint goes through the strategies of dealing with objections, including:

  • changing tactics
  • bypassing objections
  • relying on and using your instinct
  •  pre-empting objection
  • questioning the objection

Telesales objections

PODCAST 2 – Telephone etiquette

In this live podcast, Total Success’s Senior Trainer, Warren Wint discusses the factors affecting telephone effectiveness.

Factors include:

  • being attentive
  • respect
  • distractions
  • clarity and articulation
  • environment
  • subject matter

Telesales effectiveness

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