Live, virtual, remote-online training course

This CPD accredited live online workshop is designed to develop manager’s appraisal skills to deliver effective appraisal interviews. This course will teach you how to design and run an effective performance appraisal focusing on the delivery of effective feedback, giving praise to boost motivation in the appraisal, writing the performance review and the vital interview skills.



  • The programme is highly participative and experiential – participants conduct and review appraisal examples
  • The focus of the training is to develop manager’s appraisal skills to deliver effective appraisal interviews. This proposal sets out how we would design and train an appraisal course focusing on the delivery of effective appraisal, performance review and interview skills
  • All sessions are covered in a comprehensive Appraisal Skills course manual that doubles as a useful post-course reference for future development


Below is a proposed course agenda. Please keep in mind that Total Success Training prides itself on the bespoke nature of our training courses. Feel free to contact us to discuss exactly how and what you would like the course to look like and we can tailor it to your needs.

MORNING 10.00 AM – 3.30 PM – Lunch 12.30-1.00

Understanding the appraisal process

We will start by getting our delegates to think about the benefits of the appraisal process to the organization, to their team and to them. We will explain how to use the performance appraisal as a key tool to achieving their team’s yearly objectives.

The interview structure

In this session we will give them tips and techniques to prepare for and to conduct a productive appraisal – from pre-appraisal preparation to setting up the room for effective communication

Communication skills

One of the key needs of the appraiser is how to conduct the appraisal so that it is used as a tool for increasing productivity and morale. We will explain the key communication skills that the expert appraiser uses for maximum results.

Reviewing past performance

The biggest fear of many appraisers is how to criticise members of their team, especially if their performance is sub-standard. With a combination of tried and tested techniques we will give delegates the confidence to approach any issue with confidence.

Setting clear and realistic objectives

The key to a great appraisal is what happens after the appraisal – how the objectives were met. Goal and objectives setting is vital to the overall success of the performance appraisal so in this session we get delegates to understand the essentials of setting strong objectives and how to ensure they are motivational.

Completing the appraisal form

An essential criterion for follow-up is the recording of agreed goals. We will give delegates lots of tips on how to complete this and how to integrate them into day-to-day actions of the appraisee.

How to avoid appraisal pitfalls

There are many reasons for appraisals that fail to deliver.

  • Discussing poor performance professionally
  • Dealing with non-responsive and difficult appraise reactions to the appraisal

Course close and paperwork

All delegates will complete an action plan that can be used to evaluate the skills learned from the day.

Course Dates


We at Total Success Training recognise the need to keep motivated when working so we have put together a schedule of live, online remote-training workshops.

We will be delivering them as live virtual workshops via with a trainer to guide you through the agenda and to answer any questions you may have. We have included all the information that will make this an easy to access workshop.


  • Makes great use of their time off
  • Saves on the time and cost to your staff of travelling long distances to attend training courses
  • Most of our courses are CPD accredited to aid with your staff development
  • You can bring together remote groups as a team building exercise
  • Gives them a date in their personal development schedules to look forward to
  • Keeps your staff trained whilst they are off normal duties
  • Shows that you and your organisation are proactive in their development
  • Helps your staff with their mental wellbeing as they have something positive to occupy their minds

They will be run via or depending on the technical capabilities of your teams.


It couldn’t be easier as we take care of the whole process from start to finish:

  1. Pick from our list of live remote online courses or discuss the specific course agenda to suit you. Our trainers can call you to discuss your requirements.
  2. Book the course and send us delegate’s email addresses
  3. We will send out the course materials including downloadable course manual, all of the course materials, a pre-course briefing form
  4. We will start log-ins 15 minutes prior to the course start to allow everyone to connect
  5. All delegates will complete the pre-prepared course activities that we will use during the course
  6. Our virtual courses are very interactive to keep delegate’s attention throughout
  7. All delegates will complete a Post-course action plan that can be reviewed their managers after the course.
  8. The cost of our one-day course is £895 + VAT and can accommodate up to 10 delegates per training session. All materials are included as part of the cost.


  • A pre-course form that needs to be completed and sent back to us. It includes course objectives that we will run through with you during the Introduction.
  • A course manual that can be downloaded for reference during the seminar
  • A course agenda
  • All pre-course exercises that need to be completed before the course (we’ll be using these on the day)
  • A full set of the activities you’ll be doing on the course. These can be completed before the course, but this is not essential
  • A link to our website with all the course materials to download (if delegates are having difficulty accessing the information contained on this email)
  • A link to with all the information needed to access the programme via your computer
  • A post-course action plan and course evaluation form. This will be completed as proof of attending. A copy should also be sent to us.
  • A link for the full set of templates and forms that can downloaded for use after the course.


Delegates must download a pre-course briefing form that includes exercises and activities which must be completed and emailed to before the beginning of the course and a post-course action plan.

Please download the forms below:

Pre-Course Briefing & Exercise Form

Post-Course Action Plan