Leadership and Teambuilding In-House Agenda 1 – CPD Accredited and Certified

The following training modules are designed to build the competence and confidence of new and experienced professionals in ‘people management’. Each module can be used as a stand alone training session but each is complementary to the others and form a comprehensive skills guide to getting the most out of your staff.

At the end of the course the delegates will develop their own training action plan which they will use as work assignments.

Situational leadership

One of the unifying characteristics of high performing managers is their ability to recognise situations and act accordingly; this is the basis of situational leadership. Each delegate will be able to analyse their own management style and assess its impact on the knowledge, attitude and skills of their team members. From this the delegates will develop a situational action plan for the team and its individual members.

Giving feedback to colleagues in difficult situations

The ability to give constructive, positive feedback to colleagues in a way which enables them to do their job better is one of the real skills in ‘people management’. Skills needed are communication, assertiveness and the ability to build rapport. This session will allow the group to practice these skills in ‘real situations’ and evaluate their own personal strengths and weaknesses.

How to make effective team decisions

The ability to make effective decisions is one of the key skills of team leadership. This session will break down the five essential elements of effective decision making and how to use them to make both simple and complex team decisions. We will also show the most effective techniques to managing change situations and how to involve all staff in the decision making process.

Understanding team motivation and how to influence and persuade individuals

From theory to practice this module allows you to recognise the huge number of motivational opportunities and how to use them to build strong teams. This session develops into a blueprint of motivational ideas all delegates can incorporate into their daily activities to improve morale and increase productivity.

Training methods

The focus of the training is to develop both managers and supervisors on the challenges they face everyday, maximise on current strengths and develop/share good working practises which may already exist. Each delegate will receive a workbook that contains all course materials and exercises.

Proposed methods of training will include:

  • Role-play (using video feedback depending on group size).
  • Group discussion.
  • Communication role-plays covering:

-influencing skills

-reviewing performance and behaviour

-giving feedback

  • Developing problem solving strategies
  • Video scenarios with discussion
  • Communication skills role-plays
  • Action planning

All our in-house training is tailored to your requirements, this is our standard In-House Agenda but bear in mind the course could be tailored to your needs.

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