Project Management Skills Training – Practical Skills for Project managers

Managing projects is not easy, but it is a crucial task in the workplace. Our Project Management training course will present delegates with useful strategies that will assist them with:

  • organising projects
  • improving project management skills
  • managing projects effectively
  • project planning
  • becoming a great project manager

With ever-increasing workloads and deadlines, the ability to manage our time has never been more important. Project management is a crucial factor in work and our project management courses are created to ensure that delegates can make their work based projects as efficient and effective as possible. We do this by supplying a project management training course that is full of tools and tips for improving project planning, time planning, delegation, organisation and management strategies, managing meetings, as well as handling and using time effectively. Our Project Management Course will cover subjects such as goal setting, improving organisation skills and managing time successfully. Our seminars are packed with useful tips and techniques that allow you to become a better project manager instantly.

Exercise – Practical Skills for Project managers

Great project managers and leaders look to improve their skills continuously but keep an eye on the day-to-day actions and behaviours that maintain respect and mutual co-operation in their teams and throughout their organisation. It’s sometimes the small things that make all the difference. Review the lists below and tick the ones that reflect your management. Discuss your answers with a colleague, what effect these factors have on your leadership.

Great project managers:

o Act from principle and have clear values and standards

o Look professional and well groomed

o Realise that they act as a role-model

o Know what they need to know

o Are organised and manage/prioritise their time

o Look for win-win solutions

o Develop and practice strategies for staying positive under pressure

o Stay calm and constructive in a crisis

o Exude a confident ‘can do’ attitude to problems and challenges

o Listen actively and are approachable

o Encourage feedback from project team  and colleagues

o Continually look to improve working practices

o Treat everyone with respect

o Aim for high standards and expect the same

o Aim to satisfy and more – whilst not promising what you can’t deliver

o Stay positive and enthusiastic

o Realise that they can’t please everyone all the time

o Keep up to date with people/policies/info/new developments etc

o Empathise with others; even those with opposing views and opinions

o Continually look for ways to improve working relationships

o Know that first impressions matter

o Take the initiative – whilst sticking to the rules

o Maintain a sense of humour and perspective

Great project managers do not:

o Have favourites

o Gossip about other team members

o Constantly moan

o Always dump dull and uninteresting work on team members

o Disappear for long periods of time without telling anyone

o Talk down to people

o Blow hot and cold

o Take the ‘popular option’ consistently

o Point the finger of blame

o Always take the credit for other’s actions

o Expect from others that which they are unprepared to do themselves

o Use bad language in a business setting

Project Management Skills Training

The course is designed to help delegates organise their workload while planning a project. This is done with the aid of Gantt charts and project management templates, tools and techniques. This course is also a great option if you seek project management for junior staff in the workplace as it will informatively aid staff in planning successful projects.

There are many benefits of being a project manager such as; better task management; increased self esteem; the ability to negotiate more effectively and reduce the stress which results from a lack of effective planning.