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Negotiation Skills Training Pack

This Negotiation Skills training pack will give you all you need to run an effective training course to enable your delegates to to be both competent and confident in their negotiating skills.


Our Negotiation Training courses are designed to deliver vital negotiation skills, tips and techniques to delegates who need new and different methods to improve and enhance their overall results when negotiating with colleagues, staff members or clients. Over the years we have received many excellent comments about the effective and hugely practical negotiation strategies and tactics that delegates have learned on our courses.

Course Aims and Objectives

By developing negotiating skills delegates we will become more confident, assertive, motivated, achieve better working relationships and obtain more win-win deals. Our course is challenging, thought provoking, motivational and above all fun. It teaches delegates the following:

  • How to plan and prepare a strategy for successful negotiations
  • Using effective negotiation skills and behaviours to gather information
  • Managing conflict and deadlock
  • How to influence and persuade both colleagues and clients

Total Success Training Packs

The packs are available in 3 levels, depending on your training experience. Contained within the pack is the actual content used by us in our training courses, benefiting from over 15 years within the training industry. For further information on the pack to suit you and your organisation’s requirements, please contact us.

This course aim is to allow delegates to improve their negotiating skills, by introducing the skills required to manage an effective negotiation. The course will include the relevant tools to allow effectual planning of a negotiation, and to learn techniques and coping strategies for the difficult negotiation.

  • Session 1: Introduction, aims and agenda
  • Session 2: The Four Phases of en Effective Negotiation
  • Session 3: Essential Negotiation Skills
  • Session 4: Planning for Successful Negotiations
  • Session 5: Opening the Negotiation
  • Session 6: Tentative Bargaining
  • Session 7: Reaching Agreement
  • Optional Session 1: Why do Negotiations break down?
  • Optional Session 2: The Art of Persuasion

Here are some pages from the training manual and the trainer’s notes

Download (PDF, 235KB)

Download sample Negotiation Skills pages

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GOLD for the novice trainer, SILVER for the intermediate trainer, BRONZE for the experienced trainer