Training course manuals – for sale

  • Why use a total success training manual?

You will find a training manual is an invaluable resource when it’s part of your job to carry out staff training but you lack the time to develop the necessary materials you need to do it confidently

You will find them essential for the following:

  • Training and coaching one-to-one
  • On-the-job training
  • Classroom training
  • When you need to conduct short seminars but lack the materials to carry this out
  • Refresher training

If you lack the time to develop a fully functional training seminar we produce a range of training materials which will suit your requirements exactly. All our manuals have been written by our own  training experts and we can guarantee that each one will satisfy your training requirements. Every  chapters is full of useful information plus exercises and activities to keep your group active and alert.

The benefits of our training manuals are:

  • They are full of  information you need to keep the group engaged
  • They allow you to train for as little or as long as is necessary
  • They contain written exercises which can be completed after the training
  • They allow you to refresh on previous training
  • They provide a written record of training and development, essential if you need to keep a track record of your training activities

Total Success has been running our courses since 1995 and have trained 1000’s of people via open courses and in-company seminars. We guarantee that the course you buy is the one we train. All manuals are trainer and trainee friendly so you’ll be up and running quickly (depending on your training experience).

If you click on the links below you will be able to download some samples of chapters within our training manuals to allow you to see quality of  our product.

Our manuals are competitively priced at £5.99 and if you click below you will be able to order as many as you need for your training.

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