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The Stress Management course will enable delegates to design, train, evaluate and follow-up effective training programmes.

The packs are available in 3 levels, depending on your training experience. Contained within the pack is the actual content used by us in our training courses, benefiting from over 15 years within the training industry. For further information on the pack to suit you and your organisation’s requirements, please contact us.

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Our stress management training-pack will enable your delegates to understand the processes which will make them more effective and increase their confidence and sense of achievement. This course benefits anyone who needs to learn the fundamentals of dealing with the ‘stressor’ that affect our wellbeing and confidence.

  • Session 1 Introduction, aims and objectives
  • Session 2 What is pressure and what is stress?
  • Session 3 Your reactions to pressure and stress?
  • Session 4 Recognising and eliminating the causes of stress – part 1
  • – Personality types and reactions to stress
  • – How your beliefs and perceptions cause stress
  • Session 5 Recognising and eliminating the causes of stress – part 2
  • – Current Lifestyle
  • – Relaxation
  • – Diet
  • – Use of props
  • – Managing yourself
  • Session 6 Recognising and eliminating the causes of stress – part 3
  • – How does your job cause stress?
  • Session 7 Developing an overview and strategy to manage your stress
  • Session 8 Developing a strategy to manage pressure

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GOLD for the novice trainer, SILVER for the intermediate trainer, BRONZE for the experienced trainer