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Dealing with Difficult People training course pack

Our Dealing with difficult people courses are popular courses because they effectively train delegates how to neutralise problem situations in the workplace. It covers a wide range of scenarios that occur in the workplace such as; handling conflict with customers; handling aggressive people, disagreeing with others, handling bullies at work, dealing with ignorant people at work and working with unreasonable people. This course will show delegates how valuable managing and mediating conflict is when managing or handling difficult staff/employee(s). The dealing with difficult people at work course also provides useful information for working with a difficult boss/manager and guidance on how to deal with bullying in the workplace.

By conducting this course your delegates will learn how to:

Who will benefit from this course?

Anyone who has to deal with the challenges that occur in the workplace. The types of people who have benefitted from this course includes:

  • All frontline and admin staff who deal directly with customers
  • Sales people
  • Managers and supervisors who have demanding and challenging colleagues

Our training packs

The packs are available in 3 levels, depending on your training experience. Contained within the pack is the actual content used by us in our training courses, benefiting from over 20 years within the training industry. They also include trainer’s notes, activities, a fully printable course manual and comprehensive instructions how to run the most effective course.

For further information on the pack to suit you and your organisation’s requirements, please contact us.


  • Session 1 Introduction/course aims and objectives
  • Session 2 Recognising difficult people
  • Session 3 Communication skills for difficult people
  • Session 4 Recognising assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours
  • Session 5 Conflict – Causes and strategies
  • Session 6 Dealing with difficult people – Colleagues
  • Session 7 Dealing with difficult customers
  • Session 8 Personality profiles
    • Questionnaire – measure your assertive personality profile
    • Handling difficult personality types
    • Recovery strategies for managing aggressive personalities
  • Session 9 Final Role-play – Putting it all together

Here are some of the pages and trainer’s guide notes from the actual course

Download (PDF, 167KB)

Download sample Dealing with Difficult People pages


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GOLD for the novice trainer, SILVER for the intermediate trainer, BRONZE for the experienced trainer