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Telesales and Telephone selling training pack

Our training packs give you both the tools and the confidence to train your staff in the art and skills of effective telesales and telemarketing.

Selling on the telephone is very different from face-to-face sales and a telesales team require a specific set of skills and techniques if they are to be successful. It is not enough just to give them a contact list and tell them to ‘get on with it’. Successful results in telephone sales is a by product of successful telesales training.

We, at Total Success Training Ltd are always being asked if our Telephone Sales Training Courses and Telemarketing Seminars teach techniques ‘that really work’ in the real world’. The answer to that question is ‘YES’ because our trainers not only train sales techniques but have actually sold over the telephone in previous jobs. They are able to use their experience to train our delegates to understand the tools and techniques that will enable them to sell confidently and with flair.

We have over 20 years of sales training expertise and use our experiences in our training packs so that you can train your staff in the best and most practical ways to boost telephone selling.


Our training packs

The packs are available in 3 levels, depending on your training experience. Contained within the pack is the actual content used by us in our training courses, benefiting from over 20 years within the training industry. They also include trainer’s notes, activities, a fully printable course manual and comprehensive instructions how to run the most effective course.

For further information on the pack to suit you and your organisation’s requirements, please contact us.


The Telephone Selling course will ensure delegates always project the correct image to your potential customers, and has been developed for telemarketers who make a significant number of prospecting calls, and those who have to handle a large number of incoming sales calls. It is written with both the customer and the organisation in mind to maximise on potential sales.

  • Session 1: Introduction, aims and agenda
  • Session 2: Professional telephone techniques
  • Session 3: Call planning and strategy
  • Session 4: Understanding why customers buy
  • Session 5: Opening the call and arousing interest
  • Session 6: Questioning and need finding
  • Session 7: Selling benefits
  • Session 8: Recommendation and Closing skills
  • Session 9: Handling objections
  • Optional Session 1: Appointment Making
  • Optional Session 2: Post Sales Analysis
  • Optional Session 3: The Art of Persuasion

Here are some sample pages from the training manual plus some of the trainer’s notes

Download (PDF, 146KB)

Download sample Telephone Selling pages

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GOLD for the novice trainer, SILVER for the intermediate trainer, BRONZE for the experienced trainer