Interviewing Skills Training Course: Controlling Bias

Our one-day interviewing skills course is tailored for delegates who would like to gain better interviewing skills and learn how to conduct successful interviews for choosing the right employee(s). Our Interviewing course will show candidates how to; gain winning interview skills; give better interviews; be a better interviewer and learn how to interview effectively. As well as improving interviewing skills, delegates will also learn recruitment and employment law.


Bias can affect selection in two ways

  • During the interview
  • In assessing the evidence


Bias Arises From:

  1.  “Contrast Effect” – Candidate is much better/worse than previous candidate.
  2. The influence of the applicant’s appearance.
  3. The influence of stereotyping.
  4. “Halo effect” of similarity between candidate and interviewer.

And Is Controlled By:

  1. Probing the evidence and not making assumptions based solely on own experiences.
  2. Trying to allow some time gap between interviews. Making notes.
  3. Asking neutral questions which allow the applicant to respond appropriately.
  4. Changing your own behaviour or questioning to help him/her respond differently.
  5. Interviewing in pairs to analyse why you are drawn to the person.


Bias in Judgement

Halo effect of one aspect could cloud the assessor’s judgement on other aspects.

Assessing errors: rating too severely or leniently.

Controlled by:

  1. Using a systematic approach. Insisting on evidence for judgements. Making notes. Covering every aspect of the personal specification.
  2. Comparing assessments of the same candidates by other selectors.

Interviewing Skills Course

This course will cover the practical skills needed for successful interviewing and our reputation for effective recruitment training has been endorsed by many delegates. Those who have attended the course have described it as being productive, informative and focused. It allows delegates to understand the stages of carrying out interviews and shows them how to conduct an effective interview so that they are able to attract the best candidates and choose the best person for the job. We guarantee to deliver the best employment strategies, tips and techniques for better interviewing and recruiting skills.

Course Dates

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Who will benefit from the course?

Our course will cover the practical skills needed to make recruitment interviews productive and focused. It will allow delegates to understand the stages of the recruitment process and how to conduct an effective interview so that they are able to attract the best candidates and choose the best person for the job.

Our courses allow all staff to benefit from enhanced interviewing skills. The types of delegate we have trained previously are:

  • Directors and senior managers
  • Sales and fundraising staff
  • Local government employees
  • Managers, department heads, team leaders and supervisors
  • Technical and academic team members

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