Interviewing Skills Training Course: Interview Structure

Our one-day interviewing skills course is tailored for delegates who would like to gain better interviewing skills and learn how to conduct successful interviews for choosing the right employee(s). Our Interviewing course will show candidates how to; gain winning interview skills; give better interviews; be a better interviewer and learn how to interview effectively. As well as improving interviewing skills, delegates will also learn recruitment and employment law.


Base the structure of the interview around ‘WASP’. This is a guideline structure and it is important to include all of the points, however, interviewers may wish to adjust the order of some of the following items to suit their preferences:

W                              Welcome

  • Be punctual
  • Greet the candidate in person
  • Introduce yourself and give your job title
  • Confirm purpose of interview (job applied for)
  • Establish rapport with a couple of easy questions or comments, for example on where they live, journey to interview etc
  • Explain structure and timing (i.e. acquire information before supplying information)
  • Explain that you will be taking notes

A                                Acquire Information by Asking Questions

This is the most vital section of the interview. You can split it into two parts:

  • Overview and CV
  • In-depth questioning to determine action and behaviour.

S                                 Supply Information/Sell the Company

  • Explain briefly what the job involves and the working conditions successful candidates would be expected to meet, e.g. hours etc
  • Sell the company and its benefits
  • Answer any questions and note the quality of their questions about the company / the work
  • Amplify nature of the job, cover working requirements, hours, travel, pay (if appropriate)

P                                Part and Plan

  • Check whether candidate has any other points to make
  • Check the candidate’s continued interest
  • Give time-table for decision
  • Thank them and see them out personally
  • Remain neutral in your language

Interviewing Skills Course

This course will cover the practical skills needed for successful interviewing and our reputation for effective recruitment training has been endorsed by many delegates. Those who have attended the course have described it as being productive, informative and focused. It allows delegates to understand the stages of carrying out interviews and shows them how to conduct an effective interview so that they are able to attract the best candidates and choose the best person for the job. We guarantee to deliver the best employment strategies, tips and techniques for better interviewing and recruiting skills.

Course Dates

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Who will benefit from the course?

Our course will cover the practical skills needed to make recruitment interviews productive and focused. It will allow delegates to understand the stages of the recruitment process and how to conduct an effective interview so that they are able to attract the best candidates and choose the best person for the job.

Our courses allow all staff to benefit from enhanced interviewing skills. The types of delegate we have trained previously are:

  • Directors and senior managers
  • Sales and fundraising staff
  • Local government employees
  • Managers, department heads, team leaders and supervisors
  • Technical and academic team members

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