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Assertion means standing up for what you want. Stating your needs clearly. It means expressing opposition. It means confrontation and it takes courage. Some find it harder than others because of their natural easy-going style and therefore more practice is required. However, the aim should not be just to gain a win. The aim should be to solve the problem and get the best result. Assertion should not be synonymous with aggression because aggressive people adopt an ‘I win – you lose’ mentality to achieve their objectives.

Assertiveness does not come naturally to all because we have all learned passive behaviours to stave off confrontational situations. However these behaviours can be unlearned and assertive behaviour used to produce results that benefit both parties. Assertiveness training courses and workshops can help delegates increase work effectiveness and productivity, achieve greater control of their daily activities and overcome work stressors.

We believe the web is a fantastic place for marketing and promotion but we believe that there should be access to free information which is in abundance on many sites.

Total Success have searched the web for free information on assertiveness and you can find these on our assertiveness links page.

If you know of other sites which contain relevant information or to inform me that a particular site does no longer exist (many sites come and go at a fast rate on the web), please e-mail us. The criteria for inclusion is a site which has a lot of free information on assertiveness skills and not just companies promoting courses or products. We’ll start off with one of our own:


Our one-day Assertiveness Skills courses will provide delegates with valuable tips and information including:

This course will allow delegates to develop confidence and self-esteem so that their opinions will no longer go un-noticed in the workplace. Assertiveness training will provide delegates with effective tactics to build courage and defy work bullies. Those who have attended the courses have expressed that becoming more assertive at work was made easier once they applied the techniques gained from the seminar.

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