How to structure a presentation

Our presentation courses are planned to significantly improve presentation skills to allow delegates of all levels to be able to make powerful presentations.  The presentation seminars that we provide are packed full of presentation tips and techniques that demonstrate strategies which will show delegates how to reduce nerves in presentations and to allow them to present confidently when presenting to clients or colleagues. Our presentation skills workshops are designed not just to show delegates how to make a simple presentation: they are designed to show delegates how to create a successful presentation also maximising the applications of PowerPoint to make great presentationsPresentation training will allow delegates to build on their presenting skills; make better presentations; enjoy making presentations and teach delegates how to present successfully.  Delegates who have taken our Presentation Courses have expressed how much they enjoyed the variety in our presentation skills training and now feel confident to present in any situation.

Definition of a presentation

A structured, prepared and speech-based means of communicating information, ideas, or arguments to a group of interested people in order to inform or persuade them

No presentation will achieve its desired level of success unless the presenter gets the audience to:

  1. HEAR what we have to say (or see what we have to show them)
  2. UNDERSTAND what we mean
  3. AGREE with what they have heard
  4. TAKE ACTION in accordance with our over all objectives

It is important to make your presentation last in the audiences minds because people will forget:

38% in 2 days, 65% in 8 days, 75% in 30 days

Points to remember

These are the points to remember if you want people to remember your presentation:

  • The first and last impressions made to them are both positive and favourable
  • Points are made of special interest to them
  • Giving an overview before moving onto the points of detail
  • More than one sense is stimulated e.g. speech and visual aids
  • You seek their feedback
  • Talking about their problems and requirements

There are many factors to take into account when communicating effectively and the following are the essentials of good communication

  • Unless someone hears what you have to say, there is no communication
  • You do not communicate with just words, the whole person that you are comes with them
  • Talk to people in terms of their own experience and they will listen to you
  • When you have difficulty in getting through to people, it is a sign that your own communication and thinking is confused, not theirs
  • When you fail to communicate it is not the words that need straightening out, it is the thoughts behind them
  • Know what your listener expects to see and hear before you start to talk
  • Your communication is always more valuable if you appeal to the values and aspirations of your audience

Structure of a presentation

A good presentation has a clearly defined structure and, if followed can allow anyone to present in a relaxed, clear and interesting way. Excellent presentations will always follow this structure:

1. Beginning

“Tell ‘em what your going to tell ‘em”

  • Getting attention
  • Building rapport
  • Statement of theme
  • Audience needs

2. Middle

“Tell ‘em”

  • Points to be made
  • How will they benefit the audience?
  • Support material, examples, third party references, visual aids
  • Possible audience objections

3. End

“Tell ‘em what you’ve told ‘em” .

  • Reiterate the theme
  • Summary of points
  • Closing words and commitment

The deciding factor any presentation is the answer to the following question:

“Were my aims and objectives achieved?
Did I get the audience to do/think/feel what I wanted them to?”

Excellent presentation skills give you a platform to demonstrate your sales skills, leadership qualities, communication skills, influencing abilities and promotion potential. Our objective over the two days is to teach you the skills and techniques that will give you both the confidence and competence to enjoy making presentations in all situations. We will be giving action points to sharpen your image; reduce nerves; allow you to appear both confident and competent and increase your credibility in the eyes of colleagues and clients.

PowerPoint presentation skills, Advanced Presentation skills and Presentation skills are three of the courses trained by Total Success Training, a training consultancy specialising in communication training and management skills in London and throughout the UK. Other related courses include sales presentation skills, training the trainer, assertiveness skills, selling skills, negotiation skills and communication skills for managers. Click here if you need more information regarding presentation skills course information or contact Total Success who will be delighted to talk to you via e-mail.