Leadership and Teambuilding Training Courses – How to motivate people at work

Our Leadership and Teambuilding training courses are designed to improve leadership skills and allow our delegates to be able to lead successful and high performing teams. Our team building workshops are packed full of useful teamwork training exercises, tips and techniques that new and experienced managers will find essential in showing how to lead effectively and will put them on the steady route of becoming successful managers and team leaders. Delegates who have taken our Leadership and Teambuilding courses have now gone on to lead highly productive teams and improving productivity by becoming better managers, motivators, delegators and leaders.

Leadership and team building is a training course that is both challenging and practical. We aim to teach the fundamental ‘people management skills‘ in a positive and constructive environment. It has been designed to enable delegates to understand the basic fundamentals of strategy and motivation in team building. You will benefit by learning tips and techniques that will increase your competence and confidence when managing, influencing and leading teams and individuals.

How to motivate people at work

‘You can buy a man’s time; you can buy his physical presence; you can even buy a measured number of his skilled muscular motions per hour. But you cannot buy enthusiasm…….. You cannot buy loyalty……. You cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds and souls.’

‘You must earn these.’

Clarence Francis

More has been written about motivation and how to increase it than probably any other fact of managing. The very fact that the subject gets so much attention suggests not just its importance but its complexity. Getting people to do the things you, as a Manager, want them to do, at the level and quality you seek – at best because they want to do so is a skill many Managers spend their lives seeking to perfect.

Use the table below to answer the three questions:

  1. What three things motivate you most at work?
  2. What three things do you find give you the most satisfaction at work?
  3. What are the three biggest demotivators in your workplace?
  1 2 3
What 3 things motivate you most at work?      
What 3 things do you find give you the most satisfaction at work?      
What are the 3   biggest demotivators in your workplace?      

Bear in mind that a real motivator is someone that drives behaviour (from the Latin Motus; action, movement). This can be both positive (praise, incentives etc) or negative (threats, disciplinary action etc). Satisfaction is what a person feels as a reward from achieving their motivations but won’t necessarily drive behaviour e.g. we might feel great once we finish our monthly report (satisfaction) but we may lack motivation to do it.

Leadership and Team Building – 1 day course

Who will benefit from the course?

One of your main responsibilities, as a manager or supervisor, is to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your team in relation to its goals and to provide the motivation and skills to achieve those goals. This course will help you to improve the direction, motivation and goal achievement of your team. The subjects covered will include:

  • analysing your leadership style
  • team development issues
  • are you a leader or a manager?
  • essential management skills
  • setting standards and follow up
  • developing your own leadership development strategy
  • motivation theory and practice
  • managing conflict
  • appraisal/development skills
  • analysing training needs
  • decision making
  • creating a team identity
  • pre-empting conflict

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