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Become a Master of Time Not It’s Victim

Time is money, and whilst it’s natural that a small amount may be wasted each week, this research demonstrates that we need consider how it all adds up. By being conscious of how we spend our time, we can work more efficiently and productively as a team. This will of course, mean putting more back into the business but also ensuring we have a healthy work life balance by getting our work completed during the allotted working day.

However, it is important to remember that taking a few minutes here and there from work can help to reduce stress and keep workers focused. No one is capable of working all day or week without a break, and it is better to have workers waste a little time than be tired or stressed (and therefore less productive and motivated) all week!

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How to Become a Master Delegator

A study in 2016 of delegation within the medical profession showed that effective delegation is seen by staff as a positive issue contributing to their job satisfaction. Another study in 2015 showed that out of 500 CEOs who demonstrated higher delegation talent, over 3 years achieved over 100% greater growth rate in their organisations compared with those of limited all lower delegator ability. The same study showed that they also generated 33% more revenue then their less willing counterparts.

So, what do delegators do differently? And, what do we need to do to become the master delegator. In this article we will show you 7 key actions that once mastered will turn you into find Master delegator.

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Planning the Perfect Year

What a year it’s going to be! Filled with exciting possibilities and taking you on journeys that will enhance your life with breathtaking opportunities. OR, will it be the ‘same old, same old’. Our next webinar ‘Planning the perfect year 2018 – How to set goals and perfect priorties’ is jam packed with strategies on how to get the most from the year in all aspects of your life be it work or social.

You’ll learn; how to approach key areas of your life; how to set meaningful objectives; how to maintain your progress and what to do if you need a boost.

It will be run by Warren Wint author of ‘Successful Time Management’ who will take you through strategies that get you thinking and planning for success. It’s all practical, it’s fun, it’s challenging and you’ll be really motivated to get ‘your life going’.

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