Managing difficult employees and problem people

People-problems, like people themselves, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: some are trivial, minor irritations, while others are more substantial and seriously impair relationships or performance of a job to be done.

This course is ideal for managers who need better techniques to ‘handle problem people’ or ‘deal with difficult staff’.  Its focus is to teach managers more effective ways of managing performance or attitude problems before they become serious and what to do if action is needed. It is packed with many practical tips and techniques and help managers manage all difficult situations confidently and competently.

Managers that will benefit from this course will be faced with some or all of the following problems

  • Employees on unpleasant tasks?
  • Employees that regularly miss work deadlines or submit work that needs to be redone?
  • Employees who refuse to do assigned work or who tend to “pass the buck”
  • Employees that continuously ignore rules and regulations
  • Employee who have been late beyond minimum standards or absent beyond reasonable norms
  • Employees who cause personality conflicts with other workers or frequently have a negative attitude

Managing Difficult Employees Course Agenda

Morning – 9.30-1.00

  • Introduction/course aims and objectives
  • The causes of conflict – how to recognise and pre-empt them
  • The assertive leader – managing situations confidently
  • Strategies for managing the difficult conversation – early interventions
  • Analysing your conflict resolution profile and behavioural style
  • Recognising classic profiles of difficult people and how to manage them
  • Deciding when to take the most appropriate action
  • Building a case to tackle the difficult employee through investigation and documention
  • Role-play – ‘Managing the difficult conversation’

Afternoon – 2.00-5.30

  • Managing inefficiency and poor performance issues
  • Tackling attitude and behaviour issues confidently
  • Communicating with unresponsive individuals
  • Handling hostile and aggressive situations
  • Role-play – ‘Dealing with the aggressive employee’
  • Handling the reactions of the difficult conversation
  • Confidently handling the disciplinary meeting
  • Follow through and managing the relationship after the meeting
  • Discussion and role-play – ‘Keeping the disruptive employee on track’
  • Course close

Course Dates

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Other related courses include assertiveness skills, mediation skills, negotiation skills and communication skills for managers. Click here if you need more information regarding Dealing With Difficult People training courses or contact Total Success who will be delighted to talk to you via e-mail.

In-Company Courses

Total Success have developed a series of in-house training modules. These are designed so that an organisation can pick the training which is more applicable to its own needs and budget. Please call us to discuss your specific requirements.

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