If you are on your way to becoming a new manager or would like to learn the fundamentals of how to become a better manager then this will be the ideal course for you. This course will focus on the essential requirements needed to execute managing for the first time if you are a newly qualified manager and will also allow you to gain knowledge of the skills needed for leading a new team effectively if you are a newly promoted manager.

Total Success is well renowned for our management training courses as we cater to all levels of management. We are able to design courses for specific needs, whether it be improving management skills or providing management refresher training.

This course is designed for newly appointed managers and supervisors. Its modular approach builds into a toolkit of essential management skills and gives practical ‘real life’ examples, scenarios and techniques to enable the New Manager to manage with confidence. We place great emphasis on workshops, role-plays, active participation and group discussion to allow the knowledge to be understood and used quickly and easily in the work place.

The course consists of a series of six modules which are taught over the two days. After each session delegates will be given work assignments and post-course action plans which reinforce the skills and techniques taught on each session. Each assignment is designed to be reviewed after one month with the delegate’s line manager so the knowledge gained is assessed and analysed.

Each module comes with its own set of notes and follow up exercises and builds into a portfolio of management skills.

The New Manager Course Agenda

A breakdown of each module is shown below – Each module comes with its own set of notes and follow up exercises and builds into a portfolio of management skills.:

1. Situational leadership

This module covers the role of a leader; understanding leadership styles; assessing your team development needs; building rapport and team motivation. An important aspect of leadership is appraising staff and improving performance; the following link gives you information on planning an appraisal and setting objectives.

2. Communication skills

How well a manager communicates with his/her staff determines the team’s future success. This module shows you how to assess and develop your communication skills; how to give effective feedback; how to motivate when giving bad news and how to improve your conversation control. For more information about giving feedback, click on the following page: Giving feedback

3. How to delegate effectively

One of the true skills of a good manager is the ability to delegate. Effective delegate is one of the signs of a strong, effective leader. We will cover the ‘What, How and Why’ of delegation and show how it allows the new manager to develop individuals within the team and increase morale.

4. Team building

Building a strong, willing and committed team takes time and effort, but nothing gives a manager a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement. Covered in this module are team building exercises; setting targets and performance reviews; developing the individual and appraisal training.

5. Time and priority management

If you are not managing yourself then you can’t manage other people effectively. This module shows delegates how to recognise their most important tasks and how to prioritise them, how to best organise their time and the key skills to being both effective and productive. Click here for more tips on time management, delegation and people management

6. Training a winning team

One of the best way to build a team is to train them properly. This module covers presentation skills; on the job and classroom training; the learning circle and how to assess the effectiveness of your training.

Our training is carried out in a risk free environment which encourages delegates to practice the skills needed for successful appraisals. We use a number of training methods including role-play, video, audio, workshops and group exercises to enhance the learning process.

Course Dates

Jul 08
Aug 01
Aug 05

The New Manager – CPD Accredited – 2 day Live remote training

August 5 at 9:30 am - August 6 at 3:30 pm
Aug 15
Sep 02

The New Manager – CPD Accredited – 2 day Live remote training

September 2 at 9:30 am - September 3 at 3:30 pm
Sep 05

The New Manager – CPD Accredited – 2 day face to face training course

September 5 at 9:30 am - September 6 at 4:00 pm
Sep 30

The New Manager – CPD Accredited – 2 day Live remote training

September 30 at 9:30 am - October 1 at 3:30 pm
Oct 03
Oct 28
Oct 31

Who will benefit from the course?

This training programme equips delegates with the necessary skills and techniques to manage their team and perform to the best of their abilities.

  • It allows delegates, in a risk free environment, to understand the essential processes of good communication.
  • It enables delegates to fully understand the key processes of effective delegation and motivation.
  • It gives the tools necessary to be able to take responsibility in a number of situations, ranging from simple to very complex.
  • This allows delegates to see the benefits of informed decision making and taking action versus procrastination and indecision.

Why choose Total Success for your training?

  • our lead trainers have over 18 years experience in training
  • a maximum of 8 delegates means more time spent on individual needs
  • we guarantee to run the course and will never cancel at the last moment
  • free subscription to our monthly training newsletter

All open courses are trained in Central London

Each delegate receives a comprehensive training workbook that doubles as an open course manual. Courses run from 9.30-5.30 with lunch and refreshments provided.

In-Company Courses

Total Success have developed a series of in-house training modules. These are designed so that an organisation can pick the training which is more applicable to its own needs and budget. Please call us to discuss your specific requirements.

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